What is Verizon Wireless Home Internet Plans

In the past, someone having internet at home was considered some sort of luxury. People relied greatly on Comcast cable to enjoy TV channels but the home internet, but the home internet has brought about major changes. Luckily, most TV providers are transitioning to internet-based TV services such that if you have an account with the channel, simply login to it and get the shows from the channel. Currently over 40% of American citizens consider the home internet to be a good option due to several perks which we will later learn in this article.

Verizon wireless home internet plans is the among the most outsourced on the service provider and this article aims to demystify all information about their services. Verizon wireless has out-shined many service providers not only in the home internet services but also in the unlocked cell phone deals, no contract plans and many more. They also have the best network coverage across the country compared to any other service provider.

As for the home internet services, it has many perks and the major of them is that there is no downtime. Some home internet service providers may lower your speeds from time to time but with Verizon wireless, you will never experience such. The journey to fully acquire Verizon wireless home internet plans is very simple if you know the right process. This article aims to demystify all the information regarding their plans and basically the ins and outs of their home internet plans.

Tips on Choosing a home internet provider

Verizon Wireless Home Internet Plans

Before you jump in to Verizon wireless, here is an overview of what it takes to discern the best home internet service provider in your area;

1) Reviews on the company

Before you jump in to any service provider, make sure you read people’s opinions on the company and get to know whether their home internet is efficient or not. The reviews about the company can be found in their community forums or in review only sites like trust pilot.

2) Coverage

The company should offer stable network coverage up to the place you live in. If the Verizon home internet plans does not cover your area, then it is best to consider another service provider.

3) Customer care

For a company to be successful, they need to have reliable customer care. The customer care team should communicate efficiently and offer assurance that they can be able to help you. You can know whether the company offers reliable customer care through reading their reviews.

4) Costs

You should consider an internet service provider which will not drain your wallet leading to frugality. This is where Verizon is good at especially with their Verizon phone deals for existing customers. The company offers a lot of affordability on the home internet with their variety of plans.

Luckily, Verizon wireless has good network coverage, the best customer care services and affordability making it among the top home internet service providers. Below are the best Verizon home internet plans you can opt for today.

Why choose Verizon home internet plans?

Verizon wireless is not like other home internet service providers. The company uses the best technology to give you a secured and fast internet access at a very affordable price. The company utilizes the FIOS technology which is ranked as the best technology with regards to offering internet.

FIOS technology has been widely used by Verizon wireless for over seven years. Only a few companies utilize this type of technology, but their only con is that they have a shot network coverage. For Verizon wireless it has received the J.D. Power award for their stunning network. The difference between Verizon home internet plans compared to others is;

i) Affordability

They offer a variety of plans which you can choose from depending on your budget. You also have the power top upgrade or downgrade a plan with no extra costs and buying of new equipment.

ii) Dependable network

Verizon uses FIOS network which is faster than the normal Cable internet services. i.e. if you have 50 Mbps download speeds, at Fios you can download a song for only 0.9 seconds while the Cable internet may take up to 2.4 seconds.

iii) Simplicity

The Verizon home internet plans are very affordable. It depends on what you wishes with regards to speed and the number of home channels you want. Verizon wireless does not offer nationwide coverage for their plans but rather in more than dozen states across the country. Due to this, it is best that you check out their website and know whether your State is covered o not. You can do this by using the Zip code checker found in their website.

The 3 best Verizon wireless home internet plans

Verizon has different types of plans all categorized with regards to their speed. Here is a listed detail on their plans;

1. Better browsing

Better browsing plan offers you an amazing deal with a price guarantee of 1 year. The plan comes with the following perks;

  • 100Mbps upload and download speeds
  • Disney+ for the first one year after which you will pay only $6.99 per month
  • YouTube TV for the first one year

The internet speeds are quite fast with the utilization of fiber optic cable. At no point will you ever experience downtime or loss of signal. Verizon wireless also offers a waived $99 fee on the installation services. One cool thing is that if you are in a contract.

Verizon wireless will give you up to $500 fee for bailing you out on the early termination fee. The plan also has no contract and you can easily op out. This plan only goes for $39.99 per month inclusive of taxes, and any other type of fees.

2. Better streaming

Better streaming plan is a good plan for enthusiastic gamers and people who love to stream online content. The plan comes with speeds of up to 300 Mbps both uploads and download speeds.

With the use of fiber optic cable, there is no downtime or internet cut-off at any time. You will only miss internet if there is no power at your house. Other perks of this plan include;

  • Waived set up charges for up $99
  • $500 worth of credit for paying off your previous service provider for the early termination fees if you were in a contract.
  • You get free Disney + for one year
  • No extra fees or taxes
  • No contracts

Simply login to your Verizon account or if you are a new customer, check out their website to see if it is available in your area.

3. Better everything

This plan may as well be the epitome plan for internet services at Verizon wireless. The plan offers internet speeds ranging between 940 to 880 Mbps with no downtime. Other perks of this Verizon wireless home internet plans include;

  • Disney + streaming for up to year
  • $100 for prepaid card.
  • Free router rental for up to 3 years.
  • Waived set up fee for up to $99
  • $500 credit for early termination fees from your previous service provider if you were in a contract.

This is an ideal plan for people with an extended family around. Luckily, the price guarantee for this plan is up to 3 years. The plan goes for only $79.99 per month and the price is inclusive of taxes.

These are the best and only plans you can get for your home internet services. Below is a simple detailed process on how you can apply and get the Verizon wireless home internet plan.

How to apply for Verizon wireless home internet plans

1st step: Check network coverage

Just like the Verizon internet services for low income families, the home internet plan does not offer nationwide coverage. To check on the coverage, simply go to their website and click the zip code checker. Once you place your zip code, you will get the prompt whether your area is covered or not.

2nd step: Contact Verizon

If your area is covered, make sure you contact Verizon wireless to schedule  day for the installation of their systems. But before that, make sure not to terminate your home plan services with your current service provider because you may stay offline for a while until Verizon sends someone who will help with the installation process

3rd step: Installation of the systems

The installation date is scheduled by Verizon wireless. Verizon waivers $99 of the service charge so it is best you grab that offer early enough.

4th step: Termination of your plan with the prior service provider

Verizon offers an amazing deal if you were in a contract with your previous service provider. They offer you up to $500 worth of credit for you to pay off your early termination fees with the service provider.

Bottom line

Verizon home internet plans have taken the market by storm and reviews paint out a positive picture about their internet program. One thing most people love is the affordability. He cheapest plan starts at only $39.99 and you get 100 Mbps of speed. So, be sure to check out their website or simply contact the directly for further information regarding their plans .

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