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The 5 Best Metro PCs Compatible Phones

Metro PCs switched to GSM and LTE, making it easy to unlock our mobile phones. This is a popular feature that is beneficial to even the low-income mobile phone owners who may struggle to keep up with the painstakingly high roaming rates when in a foreign country. Some of the benefits that come with unlocked phones are;

GSM network carrier; Metro PCS Phones and Plans are designed to help change your lines easily anywhere. With this network carrier, you can easily switch lines and enjoy promotional rates active in any region in the world. It’s also a cost-effective option.

It also helps you avoid the high roaming fees. Do you ever wonder how to avoid those expensive roaming fees when abroad? Well, the MetroPCS phones allow you to avoid them as the phones will enable you to change the lines at any time.

Nevertheless, finding the best Metro PCs phones, is, not a simple task. The market is packed with many devices, which makes picking the right one difficult. We understand the pain and don’t want you to go through that experience.

It is because of that reason that we scoured the web for you to unearth some of the best Metro PCs phones in the market. In collecting these products, we were sure to follow strict protocols to bring only the products worth checking out. Read below to find your new phone.

Best 5 Metro PCs Compatible Phones



If you fancy Smartphone devices with minimalist design and powerful features, then the ZTE Avid Plus 4G LTE phone was designed for you. Featuring an astounding 5.0″ FWVGA, display, this mobile phone also comes with a 2520 mAh battery for long term service, and convenience.

The device is designed with high definition rear and front cameras which enable you to to take vibrant pictures and videos. It’s super bright flashlight comes in handy when you need to light a dark room.

It also comes with a micro USB connection port and supports Wi-Fi calling among other connectivity features. You can use it with Bluetooth speakers to play music and control other smart devices in the home.

You get to use the massive 16GB internal space to store your images, videos, and documents, etc. To preserve the space, be sure to upgrade your phone with a powerful Micro SD card. It supports Micro SD cards of up to 32 GB space.

Are you worried about good music? Simply plug in your earphones to the jack port or connect it to a speaker in your room.  This phone has built-in FM Radio for music and has a 3.5mm port for your jack pins.


  • Great display size of 5.2″ for ease of operation
  • Comes with a scratch-resistant glass
  • Compatible with hearing aids
  • Budget-friendly
  • Expandable storage


  • Reduced pixel density screen
  • It also has a very small RAM space of only 2GB

2. Alcatel 1X 

 Alcatel 1X

Unlocked smartphones make life easier and affordable, but Alcatel 1X Unlocked Smartphone-T Mobile makes us feel like we’re in a fantasy world; A world where freedom reigns and we’re free to make our choices. The features of these phones surpass the phones it was brought to replace with high margins to make it one of the hot cakes in the Smartphone world.

This phone was intuitively designed to shape the mobile phone industry by giving you the best battery life, best experience reading and watching the news, and a one-of-a-kind experience playing mobile games-we all love it also because of its sleek design.

It comes with a generous 16GB internal space and an SD card slot that accommodates up to 32 GB space for storing your essential files and documents. For enhanced functionality, this device comes with 3240mAh built-in Li-Ion battery. It also has a 5.0 MP front camera to give you clean images and videos.

The 7.0″ display size and resolution of 600X1024 pixels gives you amazing views., thanks to its magnificent resolution. It is compatible with Wi-Fi, and all Bluetooth enabled devices. Connect it to the speaker using 3.5mm jack pin port.


  • It is affordable
  • It has an attractive, sleek design
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with Android Go software
  • Very easy to use. No steep learning curve


  • It has minimal RAM. Only 2GB

3. Alcatel Android Unlocked Tablet

Alcatel POP

If you are looking forward to getting the best from Metro PCS Phones and Plans, then this phone is arguably one of the best mobiles to have.  Alcatel Android Inch Unlocked Tablet’s Larger Screen is super cool with a sleek design. Perhaps it’s going to be the game changer in your mobile phone needs. It flaunts vibrant colors and clarity to make visual objects look real and vivid.

We love that larger screen and body ratio of 66.22%. Simplicity is the key in this phone, but the dominant features make it one of the prominent designs to upgrade your current models. Its battery has been cranked up to 2410 mAh meaning that it still has more to offer that’s still not available in the market.

A good mobile phone is only deemed a good accessory if it has the right storage space for all your needs. To run efficiently, this phone comes with 2GB RAM space. To top this up, it also comes with a generous 16 GB internal space and can be expanded up to 32 GB.

To help you get started with ease, it also comes with a simple to understand quick start guide. The delivery package is inclusive of the batteries and USB cable chargers. It also comes with high tech compatibility features, including hearing aid compatibility.

Other features of the device include the FM Radio for music on the go and a jack pin port to connect with your speakers, woofers, and earphones. Connect it with ease to any Bluetooth enabled smart device to play music and enable connect WiFi to manage the smart locks and security systems remotely.


  • A great display size
  • Good stand by time of up to 17.5 days
  • It is shipped with easy to understand user guide
  • A cheaper option with excellent value for money
  • Good resolution


  • The camera does not have autofocus and flash
  • Thick body

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4. LG Aristo M210 T Mobile Grey, Clean ESN

LG Aristo M210

The LG Aristo M210 T Mobile Grey, Clean ESN was cleverly designed to match with our changing needs and make us feel good about ourselves. The sleek signature design of this phone is what makes it unique from other generic, dull modern designs.

One of its great features is the high definition cameras. The cameras can capture good moments in real time, and keep the high-quality pictures using the powerful 13 megapixel camera and recording HD videos of up to 1080 megapixels.

You get to enjoy a massive storage space thanks to its built-in 16 GB internal space to store all your essential files. Expand it up to 32 GB space with a micro SD card.

The cameras deliver clear selfies and video calls. Use the 5MP front camera for capturing a good quality selfie and making video calls. You can also easily connect with speakers and earphones for good clear music.


  • Great value for money; affordable
  • Expandable storage space
  • Very easy to use
  • Good screen resolution
  • Elegant design


  • Sluggish loading speed

5. LG Aristo Metro PCs Larger screen

LG Aristo 2

An excellent mobile phone should not only spot a stylish design. It should also be unique, reliable, and be compatible with most of the contemporary devices we need for our daily needs. If you love beautiful mobile phones with extended features, then this is a must-have phone for you.

It Comes with LG Aristo 2’s 2410 mAh rechargeable batteries. Most android users love these batteries because they don’t only last long but are also ‘swappable’ to give you instant full recharge.

The phone comes with a generous 16 GB internal storage that provides you with sufficient space for operating its functionalities. You can extend this space to 32 GB with Micro SD cards. This device supports all mp3 music formats, and video formats with headphones/speaker jack pin size of 3mm.

When it comes to camera features, the LG Aristo Metro PCS  has high-quality cameras to record high-definition videos and take vibrant pictures to remember your perfect moments. The 13MP rear camera also comes with ( PDAF) Phase Detection Autofocus with a resolution of up to 4160X3120 pixels. You can use the burst shot feature to multiple shots at one time. The cheese shutter allows you to use your voice for taking the pictures. The 5MP front camera can also take high-quality pictures and videos.


  • Designed with powerful hearing aid compatibility
  • Designed with mirroring to allow wireless screen sharing
  • Comes with noise-canceling headphones
  • Comes with an easy to understand quickstart guide to help you get started quickly
  • Numerous color schemes support


  • Small density screen of just 294 PPI
  • Considerably little RAM


When in the market looking for the best Metro PCS Phones and Plans, these phones listed above are some of the best you can have. They come with excellent features that will suit your everyday usage with much functionality.

It is our pleasure to help you find the best Metro PCs Compatible phones online. To ensure you don’t miss out on any device listed here, be sure to add this page to your bookmarks and check this list when adding the device to your checklist.

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