The 7 Best Non Stick Cookware Brands

You can all agree with me that getting the right cookware can be a tough job to do as there are various models in the market. If you are a cooking enthusiast, then you can testify that getting the delicacy for your family, you need to have the right equipment. Having inadequate quality equipment can cost you a lot, and it won’t last that long as food will stick on the surface, and if you have a dishwasher, it can damage it. Also, if you clean the dishes, you will have a hard, and still, it will have stains. To avoid such expenses and shame in your kitchen household, then you need to get one of the best non-stick cookware brands for smooth cooking.

Getting non-stick cookware is an ideal option as it comes with various benefits that will help you both financially and health-wise. If you need to keep fit, then you can agree with me that eating food with lots of fat is a big NO! On keeping healthy, you need to eat fat-less food, and the non-stick cookware can help as you can cook food with a limited amount of oil. Unlike the ordinary cookware, where you have to keep on adding oil so that it can cook up the menu, this is because of the high heat the regular cookware evaporates the cooking oil; this, in turn, burning your food or leaving hotspot on it. Having an ideal longest lasting non stick pan can help you save on the cooking oil costs.

Not only shall I consider the non-stick feature, but also I’ll shed light on other features such as durability, handles, induction, among others. In this article, I’ll guide you through the various best non-stick cookware brands in the market that you can get. Also, I share with you some tips that you can follow as you can go shopping for the cookware to avoid getting scammed with counterfeit products. I shall answer some of the common questions asked by various eager customers so that you don’t stay in the dark. Let’s dive in and find out the ideal cookware so that you can prepare a mouthwatering delicacy for your family.

Is the non-stick cookware safe?

Non Stick Cookware Brands

According to research, 70% of all the cookware in the US has a non-coating, and you can agree with them as the non-stick feature comes with several advantages. The most common non-coating component used is Teflon, and because of this, it facilitates the less sticking of food, the ability to cook with less oil and butter, and many other features.

Although the various studies are done, there are still conflicting conclusions about the toxic substances. Though the distinct conclusion, according to Good keeping Institute research by multiple experts, has concluded that the non-stick surface is safe as long as they aren’t overheated.

If overheated, then the coating such begin breaking down into toxic particles and gases, and some even carcinogenic can be released. At 500 degrees, Fahrenheit is when the temperature will start breaking down into molecular particles that are harmful to your health.

Temperatures higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to the pan to decompose; thus, it shall emit fume. The fumes are strong enough that you make get a polymer-fume fever, temporary flu-like conditions that portray symptoms such as chills, headache, and fever, but the fumes won’t kill you.

How to safely use the Non-stick cookware?

Though the non-stick coating is made up of chemicals that are harmful to your health, you need to follow precautions that I’ll measure as still, and it has added advantages if you follow them. Provided you follow the precautions, you won’t have any problems with the feature.

You can all agree with me that when you cook food that cooks quickly on low or medium heat, it tends to stick on the surface; this is unlikely to cause any problems. If you cook steak on the best non-stick frying pan, then beware as you cook a steak you need high-temperatures, so you need to get a heavy one instead to contain the high temperatures. Below are some of the precautions that you need to keep in mind as you go about your cooking;

i) Avoid chipping the pan

Although there are better brands in the market that the coating is harder, you still need to avoid scratching your pan. Due to the chipping, the pan, in turn, will release toxic substances during heating, forcing you to get another brand. To contain this, you can use a wooden spoon to stir your food and avoid stacking up these pans, and if you have to stack them, then use a fine liner in between. Pro tip: once chipped, don’t hesitate to throw them away.

ii) Ventilate while cooking

While cooking ensures that you turn on the exhaust fan to help clear away any fumes and also to take away the excess heat.

iii) Opt for heavier pan

f you need a long term solution on cookware, then get a more substantial, long-lasting non-stick pan so that you can cook without any worries. If you opt for the lightweight, then be prepared to replace your cookware several times.

iv) Don’t sear meat with them

Get another alternative on where you shall cook the meat as for the non-stick pan; it isn’t an ideal option due to the high-temperature the meat requires.

v) Never preheat an empty pan

Never preheat I repeat if you want your pan to be intact. The pan gets hot in a matter of minutes, like for the lightweight pan, it took two minutes to be more than 500 degrees. At start temperatures and you haven’t started cooking, then your pan shall begin to decompose the coating.

vi) Don’t cook with high temperatures

Most of the manufacturers advise their customers to cook on medium heat and avoid surpassing it. If you cook at high temperatures, you better stop unless you want another expenditure that could puncture your wallet for sure. Avoid using the pans on power burners as those burners are primarily used for boiling a pot full of water quickly.

Top 7 Non-stick cookware brands

In this section, I shall take you through the various brands in the market that you can check out as you go shopping. Some of the brands are recommended and have a favorable report on them from Consumer Reports. You can check them out on Amazon as you can get them at a significant discount at different times of the month.

1) All-Clad

It is among the expensive brands in the market and its worth spending. It is well-known for producing stainless steen and copper-core products that can aid in your cooking. You can get the longest-lasting non-stick pan so that you can prepare superb delicacy for your family. You can get their cookware in upscale department and specialty stores.

2) Calphalon

If you need the best non-stick frying pan, then Calphalon is the ideal choice to get. You can get the mid-range to high-end brands all in various materials such as anodized aluminum, non-stick and uncoated, stainless steel, among others. You can get them on different online stores such as Amazon, Target, among others.

3) Farberware

If you are on a tight budget, then you can get the Farberware cookware. It comes with high-quality products, aimed at mid to lower markets. Being another brand from Meyer, you can get uncoated, non-stick stainless steel cookware sets that can help you cut on costs in the future.

4) Anolon

Meyer manufactures the Anolon cookware set; thus, it is among the best non-stick cookware brands in the country. The products made are pocket-friendly and priced in the mid-range and sold by various major retailers in the US.

5) Circulon

Also, manufactured by Meyer, Circulon is an ideal brand that you can opt for if the others aren’t available. The products produced are of high-quality, and you will not have to worry about buying another set any time soon. You can get them from various retailers country-wide.

6) Cuisinart

Cuisinart is among the ideal choices that you can opt for as it is among the brands that produce high-quality non-stick cookware. The brand offers mid-range to high-priced models of different brands such as hard-anodized, stainless steel, multi clad, non-stick, among others. The cookware uses ceramic rather than petroleum-based surfaces.

7) T-Fal

You can get the T-fal brand as they offer high-quality products and still at a pocket-friendly price. You can get them at various stores in us, such as Amazon, eBay, among others. Some of the cookware is PFOA free, so no need to worry about toxic substances emitted from the coating due to overheating.

Bottom Line

As the saying goes, “Health is wealth,” you can agree with me on that statement. Although there are factors that we consider for better health, you still need to be ken on what we eat cooked on ideal induction cookware. The cookware brands that I have recommended in the article offer you a superb non-stick cookware surface so that you can prepare your delicacy.

If you made a wrong choice in the past on getting cheap cookware with reduced features, then this is the moment you can decide to get the longest-lasting non-stick pan.  Not only shall it complement your kitchen, but also, you shall cook healthy foods with no impurities. Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section below as we will highly appreciate it.

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