The Samsung Galaxy S10 AT&T Review

Every year Samsung typically releases two galaxy s series phones inclusive of a base model and a plus with improvements in specs and the screen size. In the year 2019, the Samsung galaxy s10 AT&T was amongst some of the newest hot deals introduced into the market by this multinational company. The base model was Samsung galaxy s10, thereafter galaxy s10+ and galaxy s10e. However, if you require the best Samsung has to offer, galaxy s10 got you covered.

Samsung has gained popularity by offering the best in line with consumer demands as far as phone technology is concerned. The phone models are of high quality, well built with a gorgeous screen and attractive design together with a very powerful processor. For instance, if you are looking for a smartphone that has a great camera, the latest features, wants to be enlightened on the good and the bad about this smartphone you are in the right place.

So, if you have been using an old smartphone or the previous galaxy s series, it would be worth to splurge on the galaxy s10. It comes with meaningful improvements in different aspects. Also, the phone features in the AT&T phones deals for existing customers plans. The plan offers customers with better upgrading terms, discounts and offers. Honestly, it would be a waste of time not to mention the specification of this incredible smartphone as outlined below.

Specification of Samsung Galaxy S10 AT&T


This smartphone has a pro-grade camera for the photogenic persons, it produces brilliant quality images and videos. The battery capacity is 4500mAh that stores power all day long enabling the user to stream, play games and do a lot of activities without the likelihood of running out of charge.

Besides, the gigantic 6.7-inch display offers more clarity and detail, an immersive and uninterrupted content seamlessly in a balanced form. Moreover, storing and downloading of files, applications are unlimited as they are a massive storage capacity of 128GB.

This means that useful files can be stored for a long period for future reference. The 25W super-fast charging input and wireless power share enable quick absorption of power-saving on the many hours used for charging the phones. The smartphone is factory unlocked and this aspect makes it one of the AT&T compatible phones.

Also, the big RAM in conjunction with the octa-core processor delivers an exceptional overall performance for perusing through menus, opening and running applications and many more related activities. The 5G network provides a fast internet connection for watching content, downloading applications and an efficient and continuous connection to social media.


  • Excellent camera
  • Beautiful, durable design and colors
  • Big memory status
  • Immersive display
  • Efficient performance


  • It’s a bit costly

Is the Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G Available At AT&T?

The Samsung galaxy s10 5G is the first smartphone capable of installing the power of the 5G network. AT&T has perhaps been amongst the most developed networks out there with low band coverage mm-wave in several cities in the US.

The AT&T 5G network development came into focus early in 2019, and at this point, the process is underway with an expected expansion nationwide coverage built on various 5G technology.

AT&T developer program assures that the network will be available to as many customers as possible shortly. However, the availability of the AT&T 5G network on the galaxy s10 is currently unknown to the regular consumers as the carrier does not have a set date for the launch.

However, this is only applicable to the business customers.  So, if you own a business account it is advisable to buy into this network since it has the best data speeds never witnessed from any other carrier.

Is Samsung S10 5g Compatible With AT&T?

The overall the Samsung galaxy s10 5g is the compatible phone with the AT&T network is a yes though to business customers and developers that need to transfer massive data. However, the compatibility of the galaxy s10 5G with AT&T carrier or the AT&T network support on the Samsung galaxy s10 is a technical specification between the two entities. It doesn’t always seem true because sometimes AT&T can disallow the Samsung s10 5g into their networks due to the mm-wave band factors.

Fortunately, the compatibility covers well the talks and messages but when it comes to consumer internet on the said galaxy, it’s a bit challenging. However, you have to buy a specific model of the latest flagship if you want to be connected to 5G.

The galaxy s10 works with the high band mm and won’t be able to work with the low band spectrum based AT&T network. If you are a Samsung diehard fan you can upgrade to the Samsung s10 plus or the galaxy s20 series which offers 5G compatibility and enjoy unlimited Mobile hotspot plans.

Does Samsung Galaxy S10 AT&T Unlocked?

Samsung s10 comes strictly only unlocked to AT&T. Due to certain carrier laws in the US, AT&T phones are carrier-locked. For instance, AT&T Samsung galaxy s10 can’t be used with another GSM network unless you do sim-unlock your phone.

Your phone will be sim locked because the service providers don’t want consumers to use the purchased phones with other carriers or networks. The ability to use an unlocked phone enables you to tap offers given by different carriers.

If your Samsung galaxy s10 is locked to a specific carrier it can be a serious pain especially to travelers or dual sim owners who experience network coverage problems or deals with an expensive carrier. Thankfully, if you want to use the Samsung s10 on another carrier, the process of sim unlocking the galaxy is quite simple, you just proceed to do a sim unlock by use of the provided codes. On the other, the use of an unlocked galaxy s10 gives you the benefits of enjoying the most economical local network services.

Bottom Line

If you don’t like the idea of being tied to a particular carrier and you are financially capable then you can go for a flagship phone whenever need be. However, with the Samsung smartphones, you can always upgrade to the latest should the carrier you are in is bringing inconvenience in terms of networks and other related services.

For the individual who qualifies as a low-income household, you can reduce your bill by getting AT&T wireless free government phone. Otherwise, if you are buying a new smartphone you have to figure out your priorities and needs, do thorough research and make an informed choice.

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