How to Get Free Government Smartphones Arizona

Over the years, the economic situation in the US has been improving but there are still several states that are lagging in terms of financial stability and developments. According to the US census bureau, about 1,400,000 Arizonans live under the federal poverty level. Some of the hardworking citizens are unable to provide for the basic needs of their families. Also, we have seniors or disadvantaged groups who can significantly benefit from a free government smartphone Arizona, lifeline program.

There is an alarming number of people living in abject poverty in Arizona, despite the land having many natural blessings. There is no enough copper to offer jobs to every citizen. The poor population equal to 21.2% of the total population concerning the current census statistics. When you compare that to the national figure of about 14.3%, it’s evident that poverty is a severe problem for the Grant Canyon State. Arizona is rated as the second-highest poverty level state in the United States.

Communication is a key component of the human race. We have to use phones to look for jobs, reach out to our friends and relatives, get the emerging news and know the current issues about the universe. Therefore, the hundreds of thousands of people living below the poverty line can explore the telecommunication world as they can get a free government phone and enjoy as every other rich individual. The phone service providers are many so are well informed before making an application.

How Do I Qualify for A Free Government Smartphone Arizona?

ree Government Smartphones Arizona

Wondering about the eligibility criteria used? Here is the answer to your questions. You are qualified for an application of free government phone in Arizona if you receive benefits from most government-sponsored programs or if you’re gross income falls at or below 135% to 150% of the federal US poverty guidelines. If you are getting assistance from these programs, you are eligible to receive a government free phone with monthly minutes.

What Are the Other Discount Lifeline Companies in Arizona?

If you qualify for a lifeline program but you find that where you live none of the said companies participate in the program, or maybe the free phone plans you find in your area for one reason or another are not acceptable, worry less you have another option. There is a full list here of companies that not only offering free cell phone plans, do offer reasonable Lifeline discounts off their normal mobile plans in Arizona.

Who Offers Free Government Smartphones in Arizona?

The lifeline assistance providers represent both national and local players. There can be a significant difference between their service coverage, free minutes amount and other terms and conditions. Make sure you understand a company well before proceeding to make an application with them. Some of the companies include the following.

SafeLink Wireless is a subsidiary of TracFone. It is one of the biggest, oldest and best-renowned companies that offer free government cell phones in the US. They have millions of customers in many states including Arizona.

However, you can bring your cellphone or smartphone and use it as a SafeLink smartphone or cell phone. Another option would be to upgrade to a decent model of SafeLink wireless smartphone. New or returning customers enjoy 350 monthly minutes, free smartphones, unlimited text messages and 3GB of data.

2) Access Wireless

Access wireless is faster becoming popular in the free government cell phone program. As with the majority of free phone providers in most states, Access wireless service is free of charge if you are eligible. Other than California, all states get a free cell phone, unlimited texts per month and 250 voice minutes that can be used both for domestic and international voice calls.

Moreover, access wireless is one of the best California lifeline cell phone providers. California residents who qualify get a considerably good deal. They can get unlimited talk, 2GB of data and unlimited texts. Besides, the companies also offer better deals on top-ups and upgrades.

3) Cellular One

Interestingly, when you become a lifeline subscriber at cellular one, you get a free cell phone or a free smartphone with 1,1oo minutes to any network plus, 3GB of free data and 1,000 texts. The offers apply to all the new customers who comply with government subsidy requirements.

Besides, the residents from Arizona, Utah and New Mexico can apply for a free cell phone, 10GB data, unlimited minutes and texts. Also, the other side business of cellular one includes providing AirMax home internet, sell of mobile gadgets and no contract, prepaid and contract wireless phone plan.

4. enTouch Wireless

The enTouch Wireless offers government phone to low-income families and individuals in Arizona. Certain residents may be eligible for a free cell phone and the qualified customers get free cell service.

Moreover, lifeline discounts are offered to Arizona customers who meet the eligibility requirements. Your lifeline benefit is only limited to one in each household and can’t be combined with any other lifeline assistance.

5. Life Wireless

The company offers its qualified customers with a free handset with all the desired features. A free smartphone from the wireless comes with unlimited texts and 3GB data and 1000 free monthly minutes. Besides, Oklahoma lifeline unlimited plan comes with a package of 5GB data.

Moreover, California who is life wireless customers gets free unlimited minutes and texts plus 3GB data. Life wireless company supplies its eligible subscribers with a free handset with caller ID services, call waiting, voicemail, text messaging, affordable recharge plans and many more.

In general, the beneficiaries of government-sponsored wireless services have the freedom to choose the vendor freely. The lifeline free government phones are not only limited to handsets but we have also subscribers benefit from free touch screen government phones.

Bottom Line

The US government has made a great advancement in the aid program by extending it to the telecommunication needs. Apart from the basic needs aid provisions, the government has identified a gap and started providing the poor citizens with free government phones with better cell plans. For qualification into this government-sponsored program, you can learn more about Eligibility and make an application if you are currently not a participant.

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