The Best Comcast Internet Deals For New Customer

Over the past decades, internet services were for the chosen few. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, there have been many internet service providers with fast and reliable internet solutions. For most modern households, the internet is a must-have requirement that helps those working from home, looking for jobs and those seeking convenient entertainment services. However, US residents can enjoy Comcast internet deals for customers available in more than 41 states.

However, Comcast has acquired many telecommunication companies and wireless carriers, including the famous Xfinity that is the most well-known internet service provider in the United States. Xfinity majors in offering fiber and cable internet connection. Besides, cable internet is highly diversified than fiber and usually economical. Hence, you can save a bunch of money on your cable bill.

Are you having a low income and looking for high-speed internet services? Interestingly, if you are a beneficiary of a lifeline program, there is Comcast cable for low-income families for the qualifying members. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can get broadband internet for as low as $5 per month. As a result, you get to play games online, download movies and music, and browse on websites.

Background Information About Comcast Company?

Best Comcast Internet Deals For New Customer

Comcast is an American telecommunication company headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is the second-largest cable television and broadcasting company in the world. On the other hand, it is the largest home internet service provider, the largest pay-tv Company, and the biggest cable TV company in the United States. The Company has residential and commercial customers in 40 states in the US.

Comcast corporation is the mother company of the Xfinity cable communications subsidiary, a mobile virtual network operator of Verizon, Xfinity Mobile, among others. It operates over the air broadband network channels like Telemundo, NBS, Cozi TV, and others.

Additionally, Comcast works with Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services. The Company was founded in the mid-1960s and eventually built a strong customer base to tens of millions of subscribers across the US.

What Is A Cable Internet Service?

Cable internet is a broadband internet access technology that utilizes the cable television communication network. However, major cable internet providers provide up to 100Mbps internet speed. Besides, the internet service providers that offer access through cable installations are the same companies that provide television and voice services. The TV signals get into your home on without interfering with your TV signal reception.

Consequently, you can watch TV and use internet services concurrently without experiencing any disconnections. Usually, internet speed is higher with cable services than it is with DSL internet service. The DSL speed is dependent on how close your house is to the service provider. On the other hand, a cable connection will have consistent speed regardless of how far or close the cable company location.

Why Is This The Perfect Timing For New Customers To Sign Up?

In response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, a lot of people in the US are working from home. However, Comcast is expanding its broadband services to provide free increased speed access for 60 days. The plan features low-income families who live in a Comcast service area and can sign up as new members to get 60 days of free internet essentials service, which is usually available to the eligible households at $9.95 per month.

For the beneficiary to qualify for the Comcast Internet Essential service, customers must be eligible for any assisted government program such as Housing Assistance, Medicaid, SNAP, and National School Lunch Program. Applicants can visit to register in the program or call (855)846-8376.

 Moreover, Comcast is increasing speeds for the internet essentials service from 15/2Mbps that is downstream/ upstream to 25/3Mbps for new and existing customers. The rate will take effect going onwards, and all-new Internet Essentials customers will be issued with a frees self-install kit that packs a cable modem with a Wi-Fi router, with no shipping fee, credit check, and no contract terms.

Where Can New Customers Get The Comcast Internet Deals?

Comcast Internet service spread across 41 states including Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Alabama, Arizona, Massachusetts, Michigan, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, and Wisconsin, South Carolina, Tennessee.

When it comes to selecting the right internet deal for you, speed is the most fundamental factor to consider. It can be quite annoying having slow internet connectivity, primarily if you depend on the internet for TV streaming or gaming. Therefore, Comcast cable TV for low-income families serves the above states with incredible internet speed with minimal or no connection hindrances.

Ways To Get The Most With Comcast As A New Customer?

i) Pay your bills timely

Whenever you settle bills on time or have a perfect payment history, you are in a better position to enjoy many offers that the Company offers to loyal and valuable customers. Comcast will check your payment history if you want to lower your rate. Usually, Comcast spends a lot of funds chasing people down to pay their dues.

 So, if you are not one of these people, then you are saving Comcast money. Hence, you can request for additional savings on your bills. However, if you don’t pay your bills on time, don’t be surprised when you get no offer. You get a promotion deal simply because of making timely payments always.

ii) Look for current promotions

it is crucial to do constructive research and find promotions offered by other internet service providers. You should look at the information on one-time fees, for instance, contract termination, recurring payments like monthly promotion price, contract length either 6, 12 or 24 months, plan types that are contract or no contract, and customer reviews. With these hands-on details, you can win a negotiation with Comcast and get better deals.

What Is The Best Comcast Internet Deals For New Customers?

1) Contract Internet Packages

The following are the plans available for anyone signing up for Comcast cheap cable and internet packages. Besides, the offers and availability may differ by state and are subject to change. The deals are for the first 12 months with a 1-year agreement. They include.

a. Performance Starter+

The plan has an introductory fee of $29.99 per month for a contract period of 12 months. This package is the cheapest contract internet plan and has a download speed of up to 25Mbps and an upload speed of 3Mbps.

b. Performance Select

This internet package costs $34.99 per month for 12 months. The offer comes with 100Mbps download internet speed and 5Mbps upload speed that is best for in-house WIFI experience. Interestingly, you can connect simultaneously to up to 5 devices and access millions of hotspots nationwide. You can order the package online.

c.  Performance pro+

Performance pro+ deal requires a monthly subscription fee of $49.99 for 12 months. The downloading speed can go up to 200Mbps with an upload speed of 5Mbps and the speed services 8 devices simultaneously. You can get the best in-home Wi-Fi experience with this package and access to millions of hotspots nationwide.

d. Blast Pro+

The cost of this plan is $64.99 per month for 12 months. With a downloading speed of 300Mbps and an upload speed of 10Mbps, you can connect seamlessly with up to 11 devices at the same time. However, they have the best in-home Wi-Fi experience and also access to millions of hotspots nationwide.

e. Extreme Pro+

The download internet speed for extreme pro+ is 600Mbps and an upload speed of 15Mbps with a monthly subscription of $74.99 per month for 12 months. The rate is capable of supporting 12 devices at the same time. Additionally, you get access to millions of hotspots nationwide and the best in house Wi-Fi experience.

f. Gigabit Internet

The cost per month for this deal is $84.99 for 12 months and can support any number of devices online at the same time. The download internet speed is 1000Mbps, and upload speed of up to 35Mbps helps you have the outstanding Wi-Fi coverage for your home, and access to millions of hotspots nationwide. However, for a limited period, you can save $30 on professional installation. Otherwise, the plan has no term agreement.

g.  Gigabit Pro Internet

This package is the most expensive plan, with a monthly payment fee of 299.95 with a 2-year agreement. The download internet speed is 2000Mbps, and an upload speed of up to 2000Mbps good for an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

There is an upgrade option for Extreme pro speed. The plan provides the most Wi-Fi coverage for your home with access to millions of hotspots nationwide. Also, you can save $30 on professional installation for a limited time.

h. TV and Internet

Pay $39.99 per month for 12 months and get 100Mbps internet speed for connecting to 5 devices at the same time without lags. Besides, you can upgrade to Extreme Pro speeds with the addition of 10+ channels. Also, you can access millions of hotspots nationwide.

i) Internet essentials for low-income households

This cable service is available at $9.95 per month, with 25Mbps internet speed. For anyone to qualify for this plan, eligibility criteria must take effect as outlined in the US federal poverty guidelines. This plan offers cheap cable and internet packages with no activation fees and equipment rental fees. Besides, there is an option to purchase a computer for just $149.99 exclusive of tax.

2) Non-contract Comcast Deals

If you uncomfortable being tied into annual contracts or paying an early termination fee, there are no-contract plans available in select regions. The best thing about these plans is that they are easy to sign up or leave whenever you want though they are a bit expensive compared to the standard policies. You can confirm with the customer care representatives to see if no-contract plans are available near you.

i) Performance Starter- No Contract

This package has an introductory price of $30 per month. Besides, it comes with a download speed of up to 25Mbps and an upload speed of 5Mbps.

ii) Blast- No Contract

Blast has an introductory price of $60 per month with a download speed of up to 200Mbps and an upload speed of up to 10Mbps.

iii) Extreme Pro- No Contract

Extreme Pro has a monthly subscription fee of $80 with a download speed of 600Mbps and an upload speed of 15Mbps.

3) Household Internet Packages.

1. Performance Plus

This package is the most affordable low-cost internet. It is suitable for a household with 3 to 4 internet users with 60Mbps reliable speed at a fair price. The internet plan can perform the following:

  • Watching videos
  • Sharing photos
  • Shopping online

2. Performance Pro

Performance pro is the best value that offers the most speed for your money. It is quick enough to support multiple users and stream HD movies with rates of up to 160Mbps. This package is ideal for an average-sized household. Some of its uses include

  • Shopping online
  • Sharing photos
  • Downloading HD movies
  • Watching Videos
  • Home networking

3. Blast Pro

This internet plan offers the best speed with up to 250Mbps. This package is the best deal for you if your household has 5 or more users who love streaming video. The highly powered package helps in reducing load times with no buffering. You can perform the below uses;

  • Home networking
  • Streaming on multiple devices
  • Sharing photos and large files
  • Gaming online
  • Downloading HD movies
  • Shopping online

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Bottom Line

If you are a new customer looking for a reliable home internet solution, Comcast got you sorted. The Company is amongst the cheapest internet providers in the US. You can save on your wireless bill’s courtesy of Comcast Internet deals. The deals are highly versatile in taking care of low-income families as well as the noble families. You will get your plan that fits the size of your pocket. Besides, the internet speed is incredible: get an efficient and reliable connection to work and get entertained at the comfort of your home.

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