The 10 Cheap Cell Phone Plans

The percentage of people using a cell phone has risen from 81% to almost 96% over the past few years. As the number of cell phone users rises, this means that the need to get the best cheap cell phone plans has also risen. This demand has led to many service providers offering affordable cell phone plans with no contracts. As of 2020, you can find plans going for as low as $5 per month with no contract and you get perks like reliable network coverage, dedicated customer care, and many other benefits.

Choosing the best no-contract cell phone plans can be a tough choice. Since we are looking for a cheap cell phone plan, some service providers may swindle you by claiming to offer affordable deals but deep down you get poor network coverage and unreliable network support. Before you get started with a cell phone provider, you should consider their integrity when it comes to the cheap cell phone plans. How reliable is the network? Do they have amicable customer support? Such questions will help you discern between a good and unreliable service provider.

This article aims to list out the best cheap cell phone plans. We will look at the top companies and what they have to offer when it comes to cheap cell phone plans. We will also review some insights to look out for when getting a cheap cell phone plan. Find out more below!

What to consider when choosing the best cheap cell phone plan?

Cheap Cell Phone Plans

i) Network coverage

Ensure you get a service provider with the best nationwide coverage. Whether the provider is an MVNO or a standard service provider, you should get up to 99% network coverage within your area. Throttling should also be a factor to consider. Networks that tend to throttle customers many times during network congestions are not the best option.

ii) Contracts

Best cheap cell phone plans have no contract. The benefit with no contract is that you can switch service providers without paying any termination fees. However, you will not be prioritized during network congestion but rather getting throttled.

iii) Customer care

The service provider should offer reliable 24/7 customer support. You can evaluate the reliability of the customer service by reading reviews.

iv) HIdden costs/taxes

The price listed for the cell phone plan should be inclusive of all taxes and fees. At no point should you get unexpected costs unless stated otherwise by the service provider? In most cases, the service provider may say additional charges or taxes are excluded.

v) Bring your own device

The service provider should allow the Bring your own device program. This will help you save any costs on getting a new phone and also save up on activating a new device to their network.

The 10 best cheap cell phone plans in 2020

1) T-Mobile- Best for data plans

If you are looking for a cheap cell phone plan with the best data plans, then this is the best service provider. T-Mobile has been in existence for more than a decade and they offer the best cell phone deals at affordable prices. Also, since they are standard service providers, you are assured of reliable network coverage. The cheap T-Mobile cell phone plan includes:

i) Essentials plan

The essentials plan costs $26/line and is inclusive of taxes and fees. The plan offers unlimited talk and text, unlimited 4G LTE data, 5G access at no cost, and scam-blocking protection. The plan also offers Mobile hotspot data fewer than 3G networks and exclusive deals under T-Mobile Tuesday.

ii) Magenta plan

The Magenta plan offers everything under Essential plans. You also get Netflix’s basic and dedicated customer team. The plan also entails live nation VIP venue perks. It costs $35/line/month.

iii) Magenta plus

Magenta plus is the premium option and is bundled with everything on the Magenta plan. You also get Netflix standard options and Mobile hotspot data on 4G networks. There is also no throttling during network congestion.

2) Cricket wireless-Best no contract

Cricket wireless has the best cell phone plans with one of the best no-contract policies you will ever find. The plans have no annual contracts, overages, and any hidden costs.

Below is what you will get:

i) $40 plan

This plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data in 4G and 5G networks. You also get an additional 10 GB of high-speed data. The plan also includes HD voice and WIFI calling.

ii) $55 plan

The $55/mo plan comes with unlimited high-speed data, unlimited talk, and texts within the US. You also get unlimited streaming at 480p quality. Mexico and Canada talk, text, and data usage are also available. Unlimited texting for up to 37 countries is also available.

iii) $60 plan

This plan offers high-speed data with minimal chances of data throttling. The plan also offers 15 GB of mobile hotspot. You also get unlimited talk, text, and data in the US. Streaming is capped at SD quality. Mexico and Canada usage is also allowed. Send messages to more than 37 countries outside the US.

These plans are quite affordable despite not allowing HD video streaming. To get started, visit the Cricket wireless website.

3) Metro-by-T-Mobile- Best for streaming

Metro allows you to enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data with their 3 amazing cell phone plans. You also get unlimited streaming on 40+ music apps without consuming your data. At designated times of the year, the plans may offer MetroPcs free phone upgrade deals.

Here is what they offer:

i) $40 plan

This plan offers 10 GB of high-speed data on top of unlimited data. You also get unlimited talk, text, and data in the US. You also get discounts for each additional line you get and go up to 5 lines.

ii) $50 plan

This plan offers unlimited high-speed data. You also get 5GB mobile hotspot data. It also includes Google One 100 GB cloud storage. You also save $20 for each additional line.

iii) $60 plan

This plan comes with many cool benefits. You get unlimited high-speed data, Google One 100 GB, and Amazon Prime features. You can save more by getting 4 lines for $120/month.

Metro is the MetroPcs $60 plan best option if you want to enjoy streaming content and 100 GB of cloud storage. Also, there are no contracts and you have dedicated customer support.

4) Verizon wireless-Best for voice and text

Verizon Wireless is known for its reliable network coverage. They offer cheap cell phone plans and are best when it comes to voice and text services. With their coverage, whether you are in a rural area, you are assured of reduced or no dropped calls.

There are 4 options to choose from:

a) Start Unlimited

This plan costs $70 for 1 line. You get unlimited 4G LTE data and unlimited talk and text. The plan also offers Talk and text in Mexico and Canada. Unlimited international texting to over 200 countries is also available. Apple music and Disney plus for 6 months is also offered. It comes with 480 p SD streaming.

b) Play More Unlimited

This plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. You also get 25 GB of premium 4G LTE data and 5G access. The plan comes with 15 GB 4G LTE Mobile hotspot data. 720p HD streaming, Hulu, and ESPN plus are also included.

c) Do more unlimited

This offer comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. You also get 50 GB premium 5G LTE and 5G access. The plan offers 15 GB 4G LTE mobile data. It also offers 500 GB cloud storage but you get 480p SD streaming.

d) Get more unlimited

You get unlimited talk, text, and data. The plan also offers 75 GB premium 4G data. You also get 5G access. 30 GB 4G mobile hotspot data is also available. Talk, text, and data in Mexico are also available. You get Apple Music, Hulu, and 500 GB of Cloud storage.

To get started, visit the Verizon wireless website.

5) Republic wireless- Most flexible

When it comes to affordability and flexibility when switching cell phone plans, Republic wireless is the best option. The plan offers five options to choose from when buying the cell phone plans.

a) Unlimited talk and text

This tier offers unlimited talk and text and you can add data for $5/GB. The plan costs $15/mo and $150/yr.

b) 1GB data tier

This tier offers 1GB data and Unlimited talk and text. The plan also includes unlimited extended phone service and lakers you use your phone and cell data as a hotspot. It costs $20/mo and $200/yr.

c) 2GB plan

This plan offers 2GB, unlimited talk, and text. You also get a mobile hotspot. It costs $25/mo and $250/yr which means you save $50.

d) Build your own

This option lets you customize the plan according to what you need most in terms of talk, text, and data. You get to choose up to 5 GB of data and unlimited talk and text per month.

To get started with Republic wireless visits their website.

6) Tracfone-Best for kids

If you are looking for the best no-contract cell phone plan for kids. They offer affordable plans which may be rendered best for kids though older people may use it. For around $15/month, the parent can set-up a basic phone plan with 500 texts and 30 minutes of voice.

You can also opt for a data plan that costs $125/month and you get:

  • 1500 minutes
  • 1500 texts
  • 5 GB data

The plans also give you an option to go for 90 or 60 days payment. To get started, visit Tracfone

7) Boost mobile- Best for data

Boost Mobile is one of the leading MVNOs in the US and is known to offer exclusive deals on the best cell phone family plans. The service provider also offers cheap cell phone plans with no contracts and also several options to choose from.

The current best Boost mobile plan is the Just Shrink it offers. This plan costs $35/mo and you get unlimited talk, text, and 15 GB of data. You also get a newly upgraded network and Mobile hotspot capabilities.

They also have the boost mobile Go Unlimited plan that starts at $50 per month and you get perks like Unlimited SD streaming or Unlimited HD streaming if you go for the higher-priced tier.

8) Consumer cellular-best for seniors

If you are looking for the best cell phone plan for seniors, Consumer cellular is the right option. They offer several affordable plans to choose from without contracts or any hidden fees.

Their plans come in 2 options:-

a) Talk only plans

You get 250 minutes for $15/mo or unlimited minutes at $20/mo.

b) 250-minute Talk plans

This option offers 500 MB at $20/mo, 3 GB at $25, 10 GB at $35, and 15 GB at $45 and unlimited data at $55.

The plans offer affordable deals for seniors and to get started visit consumer cellular

9) Project FI

Project FI which recently changed to Google FI also offers cheap cell phone plans. They claim to offer affordable pricing and smarter coverage. There are also no activation fees and contracts.

The Google Project FI Plans start at $50/mo/line and you get unlimited talk, text, and data. You can also opt for a flexible plan that costs $17/month and $10/GB of data used.

All the plans have 5G included and you get to bring your own device. The pricing is inclusive of taxes and any fees.

10) U.S Cellular

Last on our list is US cellular and is known to offer amazing perks and deals for all at an affordable price.

They have 3 types of plans which are:

1. Basic plan

This plan offers unlimited talk and text and data. Streaming is on SD quality.

2. Everyday plan

It offers everything on a Basic plan. You also get 720p streaming and 500 MB data, 100 talk, and text units on international plans. Hotspot data is available at 15 GB and you get 25 GB priority data.

3. Even better plan

You get unlimited talk, text, and data. Stream videos in 1080p HD and get international 1 GB data, 200 minutes, and texts. Payback is also available if you stay under 3 GB of data. 30 GB of the mobile hotspot is also available.

To get started with the plans visit Us Cellular

Bottom line

From this article, choosing the best cell phone plan can be an easy choice when you know your budget and have a clear mindset of what to expect. Luckily, all the plans listed above come at affordable prices and the service providers offer nationwide coverage, dedicated customer support, and many other perks. It is up to you to find the most affordable option and go with it.

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