The 7 Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Camping

Cell phone signal booster for camping is a great option for people who love to camp and find it hard to communicate with friends and family while in the woods. These types of Boosters offer amazing perks like long battery life, DIY installation and so much more to ensure that getting connected through your carrier in a very simple way.

Cell phone signal Boosters for camping display some similar properties to the portable cell phone signal Booster for a car. These types of boosters do not require drilling and all you need to do is connect the outdoor antenna to the indoor antenna and you are good to go. With such boosters, you will never have to worry about bad coverage in the woods which mostly leads to dropped calls and slow data speeds.

This article will guide you on choosing the right cell phone signal booster for camping. We will also go through some of the best boosters for camping in the market. If poor cell phone signals have been the order of your day, after this article, poor signals won’t be in your vocabulary. Read more below!

What Red flags on cell phone boosters for camping?

Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Camping

Some of the red flags when it comes to buying boosters for camping include;

i) NO DIY installation

If the installation process requires a technician, then that Booster is best used in a home or office

ii) No warranty

The booster should have a warranty and also have a viable money-back guarantee policy

iii) Does not support all carriers

The Booster should work with all carriers as this assures you of no network interference with other carriers

iv) Not FCC approved

The Booster should be FCC approved as this will assure you that the booster can’t cause network interference when in usage.

The 7 Best cell phone signal booster for camping

1) weBoost Drive X RV

weBoost Drive Reach RV (470354)

weBoost is among the best cell phone signal boosters with its wide range of perks.  The booster offers a strong cell phone signal which is capable of reaching towers by a distance of 33% more than its predecessor. The booster gives you high-quality voice input, fast internet and you even get better hotspot capabilities in both rural and urban areas.

The booster is very easy to set-up and the only thing you need to do is drill holes in your RV but everything else is DIY. The booster is also 5G ready hence you never have to worry when your device is 5G compatible. The booster offers a long battery life when compared to other boosters since it gives an additional 2 hours talk time to its predecessor.

The antenna has a cool design and can be installed using several mounting configurations to give you the best signals. Currently, this booster is compatible with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and all the cell phone providers in us.

  • Simple DIY installation
  • 5G compatible
  • Long battery life
  • Friendly user interface
  • Takes long to power up

2) HiBoost cell phone signal booster

HiBoost Home

HiBoost is known to be a stunning booster provider for many years. This Hi Boost offers great features like 5G compatibility, simple installation and so much more. It works with all US carriers. Whether you are using it on a mobile virtual network operator like Cricket wireless or a standard service provider like T-Mobile, connectivity is guaranteed.

The booster also works with Canadian carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile. The Booster also comes with an App that you can use to configure things like power, see real-time data of what the booster is doing, and gives you guidance on the best set-up and the performance.

The Booster also reduces dropped calls and improves internet speeds. The Booster also offers coverage ranging between 500-2000 SQ FT and also comes with an indoor panel antenna that ensures your space is 100% covered.

  • Comes with an indoor antenna
  • It is FCC approved
  • You get a Hi Boost App
  • 3-year warranty
  • Short battery life
HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

This is another great Booster from HiBoost that offers a wide range of perks. It is regarded as the best Booster for RV due to its specs. The Booster works with all Canadian and US carriers whether it is an MVNO or a standard network operator. The Booster also comes with a Mobile App that works both on Android and iOS.

The App lets you fine-tune the Booster to maximum power and also get real-time updates on the performance of the Booster. With this Booster, you are assured of high-quality voice calls and fast internet speeds. It is also safe to use the device since it is FCC approved and it won’t cause deterrence to other networks.

HiBoost 10K offers coverage between 4000 – 10000 sq ft depending on the outdoor signal conditions. The installation process may take some time for the non-technical savvy guys.

  • Covers a wide area
  • Comes with a phone App
  • It is FCC approved
  • Cool design
  • Not easy for DIY installation

4) Phonetone cell phone signal booster

Phonetone cell phone booster

Phonetone offers a wide range of features and one unique one if 4G compatibility. If your carrier supports 4G connectivity and your phone can connect to 4G. The offers a better experience when making calls since there is reduced dropped calls. Also, you get high-speed data for the areas it covers.

The Booster also comes with advanced features like automatic gain control which automatically detects the strength of the current signal and automatically adjusts for better performance. It also uses LED lights to reflect the working conditions of the device.

It also comes with powerful antennas and large coverage of up to 5, 000 sq ft. The installation process is quite simple and does not require any drilling. It is also FCC approved and supports all the carriers in the US and Canada.

  • Simple to install
  • Comes with a reliable indoor antenna
  • It is FCC approved
  • 5G compatible
  • Covers a max of 5000 sq ft

5) HiBoost home booster

HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

If you are looking for the best cell phone signal booster for home, then this is something to consider. The booster works with all the carriers in the US and Canada. It is also FCC approved so you never have to worry about it being shut down in the name of causing network interference.

The booster also comes with an App that allows you to fine-tune the booster for maximum performance. It also gives you real-time updates on what is happening with the signals. HiBoost booster lowers chances of dropped calls and you also get high-speed internet.

The booster also comes with advanced features like automatic gain control that automatically adjusts its signal to offer the best performance. The booster also uses powerful high gain directional antennas that point to the nearest cell tower to give the best performance.

  • FCC verified
  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Simple to install
  • Takes a short time to
  • Unreliable smart LED lighting for some devices

6) WeBoost 470144 Home Multiroom

weBoost 470144

Whether you are looking for a Verizon signal Booster or for any other service provider, this Booster got you covered. The weBoost booster is able to boost signals in multiple rooms within the house for a maximum of 5000 sq ft. The booster also has a high build quality to ensure you get the best internet coverage and high internet speeds.

The Booster is also compatible with all the carriers in the US and if you travel to Canada, it will work there. Installation is very simple and there is no drilling. The Booster is also FCC approved hence it won’t interrupt other signals from other mobile service providers.

The weBoost cell phone signal booster also has a sleek design and it is compact hence it can be placed anywhere. It is also 5G ready so if your device supports 5G and so does your carrier, the booster can boost 5G signal. The booster also comes with a 2-ear manufacturer warranty and 30-day moneyback guarantee.

  • NO drilling for installation
  • FCC approved
  • Works with 5G signals
  • Cool design
  • Does not work in some areas

7) ANNTLENT 5 Band Cell Phone Signal Booster


If you are looking for the best portable cell phone signal booster, then this is the right device for you. The Booster supports all the carriers in the US and Canada. It is able to boost both voice and data signals up to 32 X stronger and hence you get fewer dropped calls and faster uploads and downloads.

The Booster also supports multi-users and there will not be any lag. It also comes with an easy set-up. The outdoor antenna uses a strong magnet that you can mount without drilling. The indoor antenna can be placed anywhere of your choosing.

The booster is also 5G ready so if your carrier supports 5G and your phone is 5G compatible, then this is a great booster for you. It also comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty which entails free repairs. The customer gets a 30-day moneyback guarantee. It helps in saving the battery life of your phone by reducing power to search for a network signal which in turn also reduces radiation.

  • Simple configuration
  • 5G ready
  • Takes a short time to boost signals
  • No drilling needed
  • Lacks a mobile App

Bottom line

The Boosters mentioned in this article are of high-quality and most of them are 5G compatible. They are also FCC verified hence you will never be forced to switch off your booster since there won’t be any network interference. Feel free to buy the booster of your choosing and share your experiences in the comment section below!

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