The 7 Best Deals On Cell Phones And Plans

Choosing the right cell phones and plans deals is one way you can keep your monthly bills minimal, mainly if you are operating under a tight budget. Whether you’re planning to trade in your phone for the latest devices or looking for a cheaper phone plan, you can save a considerable amount of money by finding the best deals on cell phones and plans, although it’s not a simple task.

Luckily, in this article, we will simplify the pain of spending so much time searching through the best cell phone deals. Usually, the major carriers, including Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint, offer limited-time savings on the latest in-demand phones. Besides, there are also older phones deals with amazing discounts from the Mobile virtual network operators (MNVOs) like Metro by T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, or Boost Mobile.

Moreover, the new phone deals are dynamic, and we will keep on updating you on the current offers so that you can always stay on top of the game. Some phone deals comprise cell phone plans with free phones; for instance, the buy one get one (BOGO) phones. Also, deals on data plans and free phone discounts are a part of this article discussion, to help customers make decisions faster and easier.

How Do You Choose The Best Phone And Plan Deal?

Best Deals On Cell Phones And Plans

The first thing to consider is whether you want to keep your current carrier or switch to a different one. Many carriers offer best phone and internet deals only to new customers, while some apply to both new and existing customers.

Additionally, choose whether you’re trading in your current phone to benefit from a trade-in deal, provided it’s in good working condition. You should also decide whether you require more than one device. If the whole family is switching to a new carrier, there might be a BOGO deal in-store. Lastly, consider your total budget for your new phone, after including all your discounts.

Who Has The 7 Best Deals On Cell Phones And Plans?

1) Verizon

Verizon is the largest cell phone service provider in the U.S., and usually, access to this network can be costly. Hence, one way to save on your phone and plans is by taking advantage of one of the various Verizon phone deals. To acquire the best out of Verizon’s deals, you usually need to be a new customer switching carriers on one of Verizon’s unlimited plans and purchase your new device on a monthly payment plan.

Moreover, contrary to the other major carriers, Verizon doesn’t forget about their current customers. Many Verizon phone deals for existing customers are reachable to their current customers, but the savings are slightly less than those given to new customers.

They can trade-in devices and get maximum savings for a new device. Also, the existing customers can purchase one device and get the second for free or discounted. The offers apply to customers buying flagship devices such as Apple’s iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S-series or Notes.

Verizon cell phone deals

  • Samsung Galaxy Note20—BOGO (up to $1,000 second device) or trade-in (up to $550 off)
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro—$350 off plus $850 off with trade-in
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra—up to $550 off with trade-in
  • Motorola edge+—up to $550 off with trade-in
  • Apple iPhone SE 64GB (2020)—Free

2) AT&T

AT&T is the second-largest carrier with its 4G LTE network covering close to 70% of the United States. Some of AT&T’s cell phone plans comprise a set amount of high-speed mobile hotspot data that enables you to share your mobile internet with other devices.

Additionally, AT&T provides family plans for those looking for discounted pricing per line.  If you prefer prepaid services, AT&T has prepaid plans that are quite affordable and also doesn’t need a credit check.

The best AT&T cell phone plans include:

  • AT&T Unlimited Elite going for $85 per month
  • AT&T Unlimited Extra Family Plan costing $160 for four lines
  • AT&T Unlimited Starter for $65 per month
  • AT&T $40 Prepaid Plan costing $40 per month

 AT&T often gives promo deals for customers switching from another carrier and purchasing a new cell phone through a monthly payment plan. However, they are a handful of AT&T phone deals for existing customers with incentives and gifts, such as prepaid gift cards, as part of various promos.

AT&T Cell Phone Deals

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra—Up to $700 off with trade-in
  • Google Pixel 4 64GB—Pay just $5/month
  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max—Up to $1,000 off with trade-in
  • Apple iPhone 11—50% off + $300 off with eligible trade-in
  • Apple iPhone SE. (2020) 64GB—Pay just $5/month

3) T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the most renowned cell phone carriers in the U.S. dealing with postpaid and prepaid plans. However, T-Mobile has a few unlimited plans and offers family plan options that enable you to save money per line.

T-Mobile’s Magenta unlimited plans both have set amounts of mobile hotspot data, allowing you to share your mobile data on other devices. Also, T-Mobile phone deals for existing customers provides prepaid plans which are usually cheaper than the carrier’s postpaid deals.

The cell phone plans include;

  • T-Mobile Magenta Plus costing $85 per month unlimited plan
  • T-Mobile Magenta Plus for a price of $140 per month for four lines
  • T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Unlimited Plus costing $60 per month

The cell phone deals include;

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Deal—BOGO deal
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Deal—BOGO deal
  • iPhone 11 Deal—BOGO up to $700 off
  • iPhone 11 Pro—BOGO up to $1,000 off
  • iPhone SE Deal—Get half off after monthly bill credit

4) Metro by T-Mobile

Metro by T-Mobile (formerly MetroPCS) is a subsidiary of T-Mobile and operates with the same nationwide network. While many Metro Pcs free phone deals apply to new customers or require customers to sign up for wireless service, existing customers are entitled to new rate plans.

However, Metropcs phone deals for existing customers are there to reward loyal customers. Metro by T-Mobile provides a small number of plans, including numerous unlimited data plans, inclusive with additional perks, including mobile hotspot data and entertainment perks.

MetroPCS cell phone plan includes

  • $40/month 10GB plan—Best for unlimited talk and text
  • $60/month Unlimited plan—Best for unlimited data
  • $60 Unlimited family plan ($120 per month for four lines)—Best for multiple lines

MetroPCS cell phone deals include

  • Get a new iPhone SE for $99.99
  • Get an iPhone 7 for $29.99 when you switch
  • Bring a tablet and get unlimited tablet data for $15 per month
  • Get a free phone when you switch
  • Pay $25 per line and get four free LG K51s

5) Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is one of the largest U.S. mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) that use Sprint’s 4G LTE network. These MNVOs has committed to supporting customers during the corona virus pandemic. The Boost Mobile deals for existing customers allow customers to continue receiving incoming domestic texts and calls within 120 days of a missed payment. Fortunately, the new Boost plan gives you unlimited talk and text, plus 10GB of data, for just $35/month.

The Boost Mobile cell plans include

  • Boost Mobile Unlimited Gigs: A thoroughly affordable unlimited plan at only $50/month
  • Boost Mobile Unlimited Plus: Packed with features yet still cheap at $60/month

You can buy the Galaxy A11 smartphone and get a second device for free. And if you switch your existing carrier to Boost, you’ll also have the first phone for free. To qualify, you’ll need to port in your number, and switch from a non-Sprint-related carrier. Besides, you can have the iPhone 7 from Boost for $30 when you sign up for one of Boost’s unlimited plans.

6) Cricket Wireless

Cricket is a subsidiary of AT&T and uses the parent’s carrier nationwide network to offer its services. The company offers a handful of Cricket phone deals for existing customers, prepaid plans, including unlimited data plans, suitable for those who like to post social media content, stream videos, and play online games. Besides, Cricket provides multi-line plans to enable families to save money.

The more lines you add, the more money you’ll save per line, making these an excellent option for multi-person households. However, limited plans from Cricket Wireless include mobile hotspot data. The picks for the best-unlimited data, unlimited talk and text, and family Cricket Wireless cell phone plans are:

  • Best Cricket Unlimited Talk & Text Plan: 2GB High-Speed Data  for $30
  • Best Cricket Unlimited Data Plan: Unlimited Extra for $55
  • Best Cricket Family Plan: Unlimited Plan (Multi-Line) for $100

Currently, you can get a free Samsung Galaxy J2 Pure from Cricket Wireless when you switch to Cricket and port in your existing phone number. To qualify for this offer, you’ll need to sign up for a Cricket plan with a minimum of $30/month. Other free phones include L.G. Escape Plus and unlimited plan deals.

7) Sprint

Sprint does not offers cell phones or plans using its brand or network due to amalgamation with T-Mobile. Instead, customers can buy a phone via its new parent company, T-Mobile. Fortunately, T-Mobile provides a wide variety of great smartphones from reputable companies like Apple (iPhones), Samsung (Galaxy devices), LG., and more.

The sprint deals for existing customers allows them to enjoy their cell phone plan and rate, plus add a line or upgrade their phone until when they choose to switch to a T-Mobile phone plan. Sprint has three different unlimited cell phone plans for a single line that vary in prices and includes:

  • Sprint Unlimited Basic for a price of $60 per month
  • Sprint Unlimited Plus costing $70 per month
  • Sprint Unlimited Premium for a price of $80 per month

The Sprint phone deals include;

  • iPhone 11 (64GB)—free with eligible trade-in
  • iPhone 11 Pro—Get $29.17 per month off with trade-in
  • Samsung Galaxy S20—$300 off with trade-in
  • Apple iPhone SE 64GB (2020)—50% off with monthly payments
  • Apple iPhone XS—$350 off with monthly payments

Bottom line

If you aspire to reap maximum benefit from your cell phones and plan deals, ensure that you choose wisely the most suitable depending on your needs. However, you can find the information that you require in this article to make a sound decision and avoid regrets for bad choices. You can shop for the best deals on cell phones and plans from your favorite carriers in the above.

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