The Apple iPhone 6S Reviews

The iPhone 6s was a crash hit when it first launched back in 2015, and it endures one of Apple’s most popular smartphones to date. It is easy to watch why; the iPhone 6s offers a svelte design, user-friendly software, heaps of functionality, excellent performance, and the fact that it’s dropped in price since its initial launch makes it a pretty good to iphone deal.

The iPhone 6s maybe two and a half years old, but do not let that put you off; there is life within the old dog yet. You may be overwhelmed by how well this device holds its own against newer opponents. Whatever in the following, we are trying to give you the best guideline for purchasing iPhone 6s without hesitation.

The specifications of the Apple iPhone 6s


1) Design

The design and development of the 6s remain unchanged from the iPhone 6, sporting the distinctive rounded aluminum body that Apple was using up until the iPhone 8. It’s still a beautiful design to this day – elegant, understated, and classy.

Whatever, it’s also one of the most widely-copied aesthetics in tech history, inspiring legions of copycats. Besides, this decreases somewhat from its looks’ originality, but thankfully, the design is also useful from a practical standpoint.

With a weight of 143g and including 7.1mm thick, it’s slimmer and lighter than both Apple and Samsung’s most original devices. It’s still a great-looking phone and delivers for the smaller-than-average screen, and it does not look remotely out of place after modern flagships.

Further, if we have one gripe with the iPhone 6s’ design, the rounded edges and slim profile make it somewhat slippery. It’s not a huge problem, though, and it is not nearly as uncomfortable to use as its larger-screened stablemate, the iPhone 6s Plus.

  • Relatively large, high-quality 4.7″ (1334×750) display in a pocketable size
  • High-quality cameras
  • Less expensively upfront than the iPhone 6s Plus
  • Designed for convenient one-handed use for most people
  • The rear camera lacks optical image stabilization like the iPhone 6s Plus
  • A comparatively smaller display shows less info at one time than its larger counterpart

2) Display

Another thing that the 6s have acquired from its predecessor is the 4.7in, 1334 x 750 displays. This, sadly, is one of the few fields in which the 6s start to look a bit behind the curve – even resources and mid-range phones now come with 1080p displays, and the likes of the Galaxy S8 with its QHD OLED panel undoubtedly leave the iPhone 6s in the dirt.

While there is extinction technically wrong with the display – which abandons bright, accurate colors, wide viewing angles, and excellent contrast – it’s outclassed by more advanced screens, and we found ourselves yearning for a higher-resolution screen when watching videos.

3) Specs and hardware

The iPhone 6s utilizes Apple’s dual-core 1.8GHz A9 processor, which offers a substantial boost in activity over the iPhone 6’s 1.4GHz A8 chip and our benchmark tests. The iPhone 6s was cover 50% faster than its forerunner and even associated favorably with current-generation Android flagships, whipping the Galaxy S9 score for single-threaded procedures.

Of course, it’s staggering considerably behind Apple’s latest devices, and the iPhone XR racked up approximately double the 6s’ score in our tests. However, meanwhile compared to Android devices, the iPhone 6s is more than operating its own.

4) Battery Life

The only downside is that all this additional power comes at the expense of battery life. In our continuous video playback examination, the 6s satisfied 11h 18m. The screen set to 170cd/m2, which is approximately 2 hours behind the iPhone 6, was tested under the same requirements and more than 2 a half hours behind the iPhone 8 Plus.

It is also light-years behind current-generation Android devices, which are now continually racking up a battery life of 20 hours or more. In light of this, the evidence that the 6s will struggle to get you through a full day is a disappointment.

5) Camera

Apple’s put a lot of effort into the 6s’s camera, implementing it with a larger 12-megapixel sensor this time alternatively of sticking with the 6’s eight-megapixel sensor. And this doubles the amount of detail present, but its lack of optical image stabilization means its low light enforcement is not a match for the 6s Plus and more recent iPhones.

The variation in quality between the 6s and Android cameras is not nearly as clear-cut, either. The Google Pixel 4 and Galaxy S8 have, by our reckoning, quite handily transcended the 6s in terms of the position of their photos. While it is still a best camera phone, it’s no longer the world-beater that it once was.

6) Features

3D Touch is the iPhone 6s’s most prominent feature. Much like Apple’s pressure-sensitive Force Touch technology on the Apple Watch and 12in Retina Macbook, 3D Touch allows you to squeeze harder on the screen to obtain different shortcuts and options.

Moreover, on home screen app icons, it works likewise to right-clicking an icon on a Mac or PC, allowing you to jump to particular tasks straight away without having to navigate to them manually within the app. For example, you could go directly to the camera’s video record or send a direct message on Twitter.

In-app, 3D Touch multiplies up as a preview tool, allotting you to peek into emails and URLs with an introductory firm press and then opening them fully by pressing indeed harder.

In most cases, 3D Touch is a numerous addition. It not only saves time, but it’s additionally convenient, mainly if you are using the phone single-handedly. It is a shame not all apps work with 3D Touch right now, but this is assured to change over time.

Furthermore, Apple’s innovative haptic feedback system lets you know whether you have pressed the screen with sufficient force. However, the 4.7in screen plus has its downsides while using 3D Touch, as our finger could often obscure preview windows.

This is less of a predicament on the larger 5.5in 6s Plus, but it is easy to work around once you obtain the hang of it.

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Final Verdict

It’s not entirely as new and polished as it once was, but the iPhone 6s still has numerous to offer for budget-conscious users. Enforcement is still up there with some of the best Android gadgets on the market, and the design has not aged all that much. If you can look past a less impressive battery life and a somewhat antiquated screen, the 6s is still an immeasurable bet as a company smartphone.

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