The 10 Best Basic Cell Phone Plans

After getting the latest smartphone for the store, you need an ideal mobile plan so that you can keep in touch with your friends. Various mobile carriers in the US have various offers on mobile services that you can opt for. Some mobile service providers offer ample data, talk time, unlimited data, unlimited hotspot, among others. It can be tricky at times since the prices vary with various mobile carriers and a challenging task especially if you aren’t conversant with the mobile carrier history. Later in the article, I’ll guide you through the ideal basic cell phone plans and the various features it has to offer.

Apart from the main mobile carriers in the US, there are other service providers called  Mobile Virtual Network Operators(MVNOs). The MVNOs piggyback on other main mobile carriers cell towers to offer their mobile plan. The good thing about the MVNOs is that since they use other various cell phone service providers’ cell towers, you get to enjoy fast and reliable network coverage wherever you go. The MVNOs offer cheap cell phone plans for its customers and most of them allow one not to be tied to a contract. You can although cheap, you will miss out on the exclusive features the big mobile carriers have to offer and at times you can experience some network technicalities especially if you travel around.

Planning to get the ideal mobile plan? No need to worry as I’ll guide you through some of the ideal mobile carriers that you can opt for and also compare with the MVNOs. Are you planning to change from your current mobile carrier? Worry less as you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll guide you through the best basic cell phone plans and the various offers each has to offer. I’ll give you some tips on how to choose the ideal mobile plan. Let’s check them out.

Are the Mobile Virtual Network Operators worth it?

basic cell phone plans

The small providers offer cheap mobile plans and are ideal if you are on a budget. In terms of reliability at times they can’t be trusted since they rely on other mobile carriers’ cell towers. When the mobile carrier’s network is congested, there are chances for those mobile carriers to give priority to their customer and limit the network to the MNVOs.

Such a situation can be disastrous especially if you need the internet urgently or your calls are dropped due to network coverage. As you check out the network to subscribe to consider the customer reviews to get a firm stand on who to choose.

Factors to consider when choosing the best cell phone plan

As you research getting the best basic cell phone plan there are a few things that you need to put into consideration to get one that suits your needs. Here are a few tips that you can put into consideration;

i) Price

It is the key factor that you need to keep in mind as you go for the ideal plan. You can compare the prices and if you have a large household you can opt for one that offers discounts.

ii) Features

You need to check what the mobile plan has to offer. You can check for features such as unlimited data if you are a heavy internet user, unlimited talk time, and texts to keep in touch with your friends and family, among others. You can check requirements as some of the mobile plans are suitable for seniors.

iii) Network Coverage

You need to check the mobile carrier’s network coverage map to determine if you will opt for their services. It will help you choose the ideal one in your area instead of opting for one with low coverage in your area.

iv) Compatibility

It used to be crucial to know which type of cell network technologies used: CDMA or GSM. You had to check with the mobile carrier if your phone is compatible with their services and it used to limit some people as you will be forced to get a new phone to be compatible with their technologies.

At the moment, there are various smartphones compatible with both technologies but to be on the safe side you can check if it’s compatible.

v) Prepaid or Postpaid

For status, postpay service you get to pay at the end of your billing month while the prepaid service one is required in advance. The advantage of prepaid services is that it doesn’t require any credit check and you can enjoy their services.

Top 10 best basic cell phone plans

1) T-Mobile Unlimited Plan

T-Mobile is among the top five mobile carriers in the US and is well-known for providing enticing mobile plans with extra perks to its customers. Although other mobile carriers have their unlimited plan bundle, T-Mobile has an excellent plan.

For $70 per month, you get to enjoy unlimited texts and talk time to keep in touch with your friends and family. It comes with unlimited data and you get to stream video at 480p that you can upgrade for $15 per month. You get to enjoy HD streaming.

The T-Mobile comes with 3G of Mobile Hotspot data to keep all your devices connected to the internet. If you are planning to travel don’t worry as you get to enjoy 2G data while outside the country instead of finding a new service provider.

2) Visible Unlimited Plan

The Visible mobile plan is among the best-prepaid cell phone plans that you can opt for and save a few bucks. The unlimited plan goes for $40 per month and you get unlimited texts, talk time, and data on the smooth 4G LTE network.

Although Visible mobile uses Verizon cell towers to provide their services, you get to enjoy fast and reliable network coverage. In this plan, you don’t have to sign any contract and you can cancel it anytime and the good thing about it is that if you compare to the other mobile carriers you note that it is much cheaper and reliable.

3) Mint Mobile

Founded in 2016, it is among the best value among smaller cellular mobile networks. It comes with an unlimited plan that goes for $40 per month. If you are on a tight budget worry no more as Mint Mobile has you as it comes with a $25 plan superb for a small budget. For the first three months, both the plans go for $30 and $15 respectively. At Mint Mobile, you get to enjoy fast internet of 4G LTE and 5G on each plan and get this, with no speed caps.

In the unlimited plan, you get to enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data. If you have a relative in Mexico or Canada, then you get to enjoy free calls. After the first 35GB, you get to the internet but at a reduced speed. In the $25 plan, you get to enjoy 3Gb of data.

If you want to save a few bucks, then you can stay put in the lower $15 and $30 prices once you pay upfront for 12 months. If you want to test their services, for $5 you get a one week trial of its services. You simply download the Mint Mobile app within the Google Play Store or Apple Store and try out the limited version.

4) Cricket Wireless

At Cricket Wireless you get to pay monthly like all other no-contract plans. You can compare with other mobile services providers such as MetroPCS, Straight Talk, among others Cricket Wireless offer pocket-friendly mobile plans. Food only $25 a month, you get the basic package that you are provided with text and talk time and if you need premium services then you can for the $60 package that offers you high-speed internet.

Got a big household? Don’t worry as Cricket got you. For $100 you can get the family plan in which you get four lines of unlimited data. If you are a heavy data user then once you use up 22GB of data, Cricket Wireless will reduce your internet speeds to favor other users. The enticing daily plan is ideal especially if you want to save although their network coverage isn’t that dense as compared to the top mobile carriers.

5) Tracfone

Tracfone offers some of the cheap mobile plans and you can compare it with other mobile carriers to confirm this statement. Starting at $20 for 30 days you are awarded unlimited talk minutes and texts to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Also, you are provided with 1GB of data to keep at par with the latest news and trends. You can even cut the bill up to $15 a month and you get 30 minutes of talk time and 500 texts, ideal for a basic phone.

If you need a plan that can sustain for a whole year then you can pay $125 in advance. In this plan, you get 1500 minutes of Talktime and 1.5GB of data. You can also find other plans that offer your 60 to 90 days of services at an affordable price.

6) Verizon Do More Unlimited Plan

Verizon is among the top mobile carriers in the US and it is well known to offer reliable network coverage across all states. You can opt for their services as it is ideal if you are always needed at urgent times so you can get texts and calls wherever you are anytime. Unlike other mobile plans offered at Verizon,

The Verizon Do More unlimited plan one is allowed to enjoy fast internet speeds, and yours won’t be reduced. In this you plan you get 22GB of unthrottled data every month and you get 15GB of the mobile hotspot to keep your devices connected to the internet. The plan goes for $80 per month with no contract attached to it.

7) Google Fi Unlimited Plan

The Google Fi unlimited plan service is ideal if you travel a lot as it will keep you connected to the internet at all times. The plan goes for $70 and it covers all talk time, data, and texts. If you aren’t interested in the data, you can go to the $20 plan where you get text and talk time and you can purchase data for $10 you get 1GB.

8) AT&T Prepaid Unlimited Plan

The AT&T unlimited plan goes for $75 per month but if you sign up for Autopay, you get a huge discount of $25, and the discount is usually it is around $10. In this plan, you get to stream video HD resolution and you get 10GB of LTE of mobile hotspot data to keep your devices connected to the internet.

9) Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is an MVNO, and it helps you with mobile plans costs if you aren’t a huge user of your phone. At $15, you get unlimited texts and talk time, and the plan allows you to add 4G LTE data for $5 you get 1GB. If the 1GB data is too much, no need to worry as Republic Wireless allows you to keep the plan at $15 per month with no data.

Even though Republic Wireless relies on T-Mobile cellular networks, they optimize your signal to get stronger network coverage in your area. Instead of having to buy a new phone to be compatible with their services, you can bring your phone to enjoy their services.

10) Ting

At Ting, you get to pay for the minutes, texts, and data that you use. The plan is ideal for those who don’t use their phone much. Once you pay the $15 per month, you use some of the offers but each has a limit. You aren’t supposed to surpass 100 texts, 100 minutes of talk time, and 100MB of data.

Bottom line

As you have seen above the plans look amazing and have enticing features that are good. Although good, you must check the customers’ reviews and the policies to avoid any inconveniences later in the future. The mobile carriers are quite pricey but in the long run, they offer reliable services and network coverage especially if you are heavy internet and busy with phone calls.

If you decide you want to cut costs on your monthly costs then you can opt for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MNVOs) as they offer cheap cell phone plans as compared to the mobile carriers. I hope I’ve answered your burning questions, and you can choose the best basic cell phone plan.

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