The AT&T Family Cell Phone Plans

AT&T supplies millions of Americans with a wide range of products, both in the communication and entertainment sectors. Their determination to offer the best network coverage across the US has never been so great, especially with the rise in 5G connectivity. AT&T family cell phone plan has been their core cell phone plan and is used by millions of people due to its many perks.

If a family cell phone plan is new to you, I will explain how it works. The family plan allows a cell phone plan subscriber to buy several lines under his name. In most cases, one can have up to 5 lines or even more depending on the service provider. In most cases, these lines are given a plan with unlimited talk, text, and shared data. In some cases, each line may have its tier of data units, but this is quite rare.

Our focus will be on the AT&T family cell phone plan, and we will talk on why you should get them, whether you can bring your device and get the plan, what does the plan has to offer, and lastly whether you can switch from an individual to AT&T family plan. Read more exiting information below!

Why get the AT&T family plans?

AT&T Family Cell Phone Plans

There are a bunch of benefits with the family plans:

i) Stable network coverage

The network coverage by AT&T is the second-best after Verizon wireless. Never worry about dropped calls or slow internet. Network congestion may lead to data throttling since you are using a no-contract cell phone plan.

ii) Reliable customer care

Despite claims of slow customer care response in the past, AT&T has improved its customer care response. They have excellent communication etiquette, and you can always leave a rating after each call.

iii) Community support

AT&T offers community support for the family plan. You can post a question on the community forum, and people can help you tackle your problem. This platform can also be resourceful since you can find answers to a question you intended to ask hence save a lot of time.

iv) Discounts

With the family cell phone plan, you can get discounts starting with the autopsy option. They also have other discounts on cell phones and their accessories. Be sure to check out their online stores’ sand email notification for discounts and offers available.

v) No contracts/ No-contracts

Contracts can be very frustrating, especially if you are looking to switch service providers. AT&T offers the family plans with no contracts, and you can also choose a contract family plan that has its benefits.

Can you bring your phone to the AT&T family plans?

Yes! AT&t bring your phone program is open to:

  • A new or existing customer in AT&T
  • People who have an AT&T compatible phone
  • A customer whose phone has never been reported stolen or lost

To know whether your phone is compatible with their network, go to the AT&T website and navigate to the IMEI checker. There key in your IMEI number and get real-time updates, whether your phone is compatible or not.

What does the AT&T family plan entail?

The AT&T family plans are offered in 2 tiers:

1) Unlimited family plan

This family plan is offered in 3 tiers, and you can have a maximum of 4 lines. Discounts apply to paperless billing and:

i. Unlimited starter

It goes for $35 per month, and you get:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • SD video streaming
  • Fraud blocking and spam alerts

ii. Unlimited Extra

The plan offers:

  • SD video streaming
  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • 50GB of premium data
  • 15 GB mobile hotspot per line
  • Unlimited texting in 120+ countries
  • 5G connectivity is available

iii. Unlimited Extra

Unlimited extra offers:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data
  • 10 GB premium data
  • 30 GB of mobile hotspot data per line
  • HBO Max included
  • Unlimited talk and text for up to 120+ countries
  • Fraud, spam alerts feature is available

The plans can be bought here

2) AT&T mobile share plus plan

This plan is known for zero overage charges and comes in 2 categories:

1. Mobile share plus (9GB)

This plan goes for $35 per line, and you can have a maximum of 4 lines for only $140 per month. The plan comes with:

  • 9 GB shared data
  • 9GB mobile hotspot data
  • Talk, text, and data for Mexico is included
  • Unlimited texting for up to 120 countries

2. Mobile share plus (3GB)

The plan goes for $30 per line, and you can have up to 4 lines for $120 per month. It comes with the following perks;

  • 3GB of LTE shared data
  • SD video streaming
  • Unlimited talk and text is included
  • You get Unlimited texts for up to 120+ countries

You can shop for the plan here.

Contract or no contract: Which is the best option when choosing an AT&T family plan?

Both contract and no-contract and contract plans have benefits of their own. If you don’t want to be tied to a service provider for more than one year, then you should go for a no-contract plan. No contract plans are also very affordable compared to the contract plans.

Contract options give you a fast and reliable customer care response, and you get privileges during network congestion.

Bottom Line

Having an AT&T family cell phone plan will save you a lot of hustle when it comes to getting stable network coverage, costs, unlocked cell phone deals, and so much more. Luckily, it does not matter whether one is a new or existing customer at AT&T since the plan is open to all.

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