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Do you find your normal monthly plans expensive and you wish to have a more affordable plan? Tell you what, American Assistance may be the best option for you. American assistance is one among the many lifeline service provider that issue out free phones and plans for life, only if you are eligible. They have a very simple eligibility confirmation process which can be done directly from their website rather than going to the nearest store.

American assistance leases network from major service providers across the US. Through this, people are able to bring their own phones hence this saves you the hustle of using a phone that you are not familiar or a phone which will not impress you like your current phone. American assistance free government phones are of high quality and come in different variety. They use a very free and fair criteria of issuing the phones on a first-come first-serve basis.

Once you proof yourself eligible, American assistance offers a very convenient plan and best free government smartphone for you. The most impressing thing about the plan is that you get unlimited talk and text which is rare to get in many lifeline service providers. You also do not have to pay any activation fees for your phone or sim card. Just proof for eligibility and get a free phone and plan.

Why you should join American Assurance


American assurance offers a very simplified eligibility check process. They also have other bunch of reasons on why you should join them and some of them include;

i) No monthly Bills

Since you are getting a free plan, you should not except any cost to be incurred unless buying add-ons to your plan or doing a phone upgrade.

ii) No credit checks

At American Assurance, they will only look for proof of eligibility through W8 forms. So if you have a bad credit score but you qualify, you should make an application today!

iii) No contracts

You should also not worry about being bound in to any contract at all because they offer plans based on eligibility. These are just some of the reasons why you should join American Assurance.

How can I join American assistance?

For any free government phone provider, you can only join them through a proof of eligibility process. The requirements may vary from lifeline provider to another however, the basic requirements include the following;

If your gross family income is below 135% of the poverty level

Participation in lifeline programs like;

  • Temporary assistance for needy families
  • Low income home energy assistance program
  • Supplemental security income
  • Food stamps
  • SSI disability
  • National school lunch program
  • WIC

If you have received help from any of the following programs, you can apply for a plan and free phone at American assistance. They will also request you for eligibility documents such as W8 forms and forms based on your assistance programs.

What free government phones are available at American assistance?

American assistance offers a wide variety of phones which you may get. The good thing is that they lease networks from major service providers like T-Mobile, AT&T, and sprint. This means phones available can work on any network hence you are assured of better signals no matter where you go.

Also, if you plan to bring your own device, it will still work at American assistance despite of the network technology because they lease network from a wide variety of major carriers. Once you qualify for a free phone, some of the devices you are likely to get include the following;

  • Samsung Galaxy J3
  • Apple devices
  • Motorola phones
  • LG phones
  • Nokia phones
  • ZTE smartphones and many more.

You can get more information American Assistance website to learn more!

What areas are covered by American Assistance?

This lifeline service provider does not work across the country. They offer their services whereby they have been authorized by the federal Government. Currently they offer a simple network coverage system on their website that prompts a use to enter their zip code.

The next thing you will see in your screen is whether then you can see whether your area is covered or not. Below is a list of some of the areas covered by American assistance;

Colorado, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Rhode Island, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, and Ohio. Over the coming years, they may plan to expand on their territories across the US.

What plans are available on American assistance?

American assistance offers a simplified plan for everyone across the States they cover just like the best California lifeline cell phone providers. What I like about them is that their plans are evenly distributed regardless of revenue generated by the State they cover.

Some lifeline providers will offer more on the plans in States with High yield of revenue compared to other States with low revenue income. If you qualify for a phone and plan at American assistance, here is what you get;

  • Free 1GB monthly data
  • A free smartphone
  • Unlimited 1000 domestic minutes
  • Unlimited texting
  • Nationwide network coverage

A very amazing offer, right? Most lifeline do not offer Unlimited calling and their data is set at 1GB at the maximum, so American Assistance is indeed a good option to go for. If you find their data or minutes is not enough, you have the option to add more.

For talk and text add-ons the pricing start at;

  • 100 minutes for $0.99
  • 100 minutes and texts at $4.49
  • 200 minutes at $5.99
  • 250 minutes at $6.99
  • 500 minutes at $9.49
  • 500 talk and text at $10.49
  • 1000 minutes at $17.49

Data add-ons go at;

  • 100 MB for $4.49
  • 250 MB for $5.49
  • 500MB for $8.99
  • 1GB for $15.99
  • 2GB at $24.99
  • 3GB at $29.99
  • 5GB at $44.99

All the plans will expire within 30 days.

Bottom Line

Having the right service provider for you makes your life easier when it comes to mobile services and American Assistance fits the job perfectly. They also have a dedicated customer care team with 24/7 support for you in case you find to have any problems.

The application process is simple and within a day, at the maximum after application; your free phone and plans will be ready. They offer a wide area of coverage for their services so if you are in Texas or any places mentioned above, you can still get a free government phone.

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