The 7 Best Unlocked Phones Under $300

The most common phones in the market are the unlocked phones. The sellers know that locked phones will not give realistic profits and will not think of stocking them. Only the individual service providers sell the phones at their designated shops. When you get an unlocked phone, you have the advantage of enjoying services from multiple service providers. Always ensure that you read network support guidelines of every phone you purchase. You will have spared yourself embarrassments of using one line. We will discuss the best-unlocked phones under 300 later in this article.

As opposed to locked phones, unlocked phones are open to any service provider. The phone will generally function under sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon Wireless SIM cards, among others. In the case of unlocked Dual SIM phones, you enjoy phone calls, data plans, and SMS plans from the service provider you feel they are cheap. Moreover, there is no need to have a locked phone unless the concerned company gives you for free. The best thing to do is to find the best unlocked phone deals in the market.

In the case of locked phones, you are forced to use a particular service provider. Whether you like it or not, you have to use their services since the telephone you own can only support their SIM. In most cases, unlocked phones help to keep you on toes to settle specific bills with your carrier. Your service provider knows that, no matter what, you have to use their services. If you get a phone locked to Sprint or Verizon wireless, it has their logo and their name in most case. Those are initial signs that if you try inserting another SIM card from another service provider, the phone will reject it automatically.

How do Unlocked phones work?

Best Unlocked Phones Under $300

Locked phones automatically recognize SIM cards from the owner carrier. It is because they get programmed at the factory only to recognize Sprint, T-Mobile or any other service provider. In case you try to use a different service provider, they reject it immediately.

The phone alerts you of a `wrong SIM card’ inserted. On the screen, you may see a display such as incorrect SIM, network unavailable, or SIM card error. Sometimes you may think of getting locked phone thinking that it is the only device you can get at that time.

However, there are plenty of unlocked phones under $300. After all, the best unlocked phones under 150 all over phone shops. Unlocked phones under $150 include Motorola G 6, LG Q6, Xiaomi Redmi 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Express, among others. Many unlocked phones are far much below $150. They are easy to acquire even for the low-class citizens.

When getting a phone budget, you should consider the lowest in price but with great features. If you want one among the best unlocked phones under 200, then you can be sure that you will not look for long. They are all over. Even your local phones shop automatically has cheap phones stocked for sale.

You choose the brand you wish to buy. Best phones are mainly at Amazon. Their technicians perform all tests before allowing a phone on their platform for sale. It is one way of increasing trust from customers.

Many quality phones will not go past $500. You can get a good phone with excellent cameras and large storage capacity. The best-unlocked phones under $400 have the entire great feature you may need, such as high capability rear and front cameras, good battery, large screen to watch your favorite movies, and above all, be able to connect quickly with friends on social media.

How do you unlock a phone?

It is not a walk in the park. You need to have excellent knowledge of how the operating system of a smartphone works. There are applications that aid in unlocking a phone. However, you buy them at a certain fee. Moreover, you have to be an expert in using the apps. Most phone technicians at the local phone repair shops cannot unlock a phone.

The exercise requires software engineers. However, to avoid cancellation of the warranty, you should consult your service provider. They have the best technicians to unlock a phone at a certain fee. The warranty will remain valid.

What are The 7 Best-Unlocked Phones Under $300

The following are the seven best-unlocked phones under $300.

1. Moto G7


Feel free to use Moto G7 with any service provider since it is unlocked. It has an Android 9 operating system. It has 64GB internal memory and 4GB RAM. The large 4GB RAM ensures excellent operations of the phone without hanging.

Moto G7 supports Alexa. It enables you to run the phone hands-free by using voice commands. It has a 3000mAh battery that can take you all day long without running low.


  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • It is compatible with Alexa
  • Long-lasting lithium battery


  • Large to carry around
  • Warranty limited to the US

2. BLU G9 Pro

BLU G9 Pro

The phone is unlocked. You can use it with any carrier. The incredible smartphone comes with 128GB internal memory. With such a mind, you can store videos and music. It comes with a triple-camera. It has a 20MP, 16MP, and 5MP.

Again, the phone has a 6.”3″ HD capacitative touch screen. BLU G9 Pro operates with the latest android 9.0. Again, the storage capacity can be expanded up to 128 GB.


  • A Large touch screen
  • It has The large battery capacity of 4000 mAh
  • Has Triple camera
  • It has Large storage memory


  • It is expensive

3. Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50 comes with a 64GB internal memory. With such a broad ROM, you can store large files such as music videos and movies. The memory can accommodate hundreds of data for your future use. The phone is unlocked.

You can use it with any carrier. The camera is great with features such as beauty mode, panorama, portrait mode, and HDR+. The phone has a high capacity, lithium battery. You can stay connected all day long.


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Large internal storage memory
  • Wireless updates
  • Large RAM of 4GB


  • It is expensive

4. Huawei P30 Lite


Huawei P30 Lite works on the GSM networks. It is unlocked. The wonder smartphone comes with 128GB internal memory. The memory is large enough to accommodate thousands of files. It has triple-camera.

It has a 24MP, 8MP, and 2MP. You can capture your best moments with the highest quality cameras. The screen is water drop and dust resistant. The phone operates under the latest android 9.0. It has a massive lithium battery.


  • Large storage memory
  • The large battery capacity of 3340 mAh
  • Large RAM
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Triple camera


  • It is expensive

5. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy s8

The phone is factory unlocked. You can use it with any network of your choice. It has 64GB ROM and 6GB RAM. The big RAM ensures the smooth functioning of the phone. Use the 64GB memory to store your movies. You can expand its storage memory up to 258GB. That is an ample storage space to store very many files.


  • Large storage space
  • Water and dust resistant
  • It has Large Random Access Memory
  • It has Dual cameras


  • Item not new but just renewed

6. Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 is a great phone. The phone has been thoroughly tested and working correctly.  The phone is fully unlocked to work on any network. It operates under IOS. The phone has a 32GB internal memory and a 2 GB RAM.

The phone has a beautiful design. The good thing about this product is that it has fast-charged. It has a lithium battery that lasts more when fully charged. The phone comes with a charger cable and adapter.


  • Large internal storage memory
  • Great dual cameras
  • It is unlocked
  • 90 days guarantee for refund or replacement


  • It is expensive

7. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

The phone has a large storage memory of 128 GB. It has 6GB RAM. It makes it operate many apps with high speeds and without hanging. Low memory phones hang anytime you load several applications cat once.

You can store thousands of movies and music for future reference within the phone’s internal memory. It makes it easy to operate many apps with high speeds and without crushing. It has a strong lithium battery that is strong enough to take you through the day.


  • It has dual SIM cards
  • The high-quality rear camera of 64 MP
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • It is unlocked


  • Very expensive

Bottom Line

Having taken you through the best phones under $300, you are left to decide which phone suits you. It is good to look at your budget and determine whether you are capable of buying a particular phone. It is good to know what you want. This can help you choose the best phone ever.

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