The 7 Best SVS Subwoofer For Sale

When it comes to buying speakers, high performance, best audio experience, and automation are some of the significant things to consider when buying modern speakers. Over the years, we have seen some cool and positive changes when it comes to speakers, and features such as surround sound, Dolby Digital, and so much more have been implemented to provide high-quality sound output. Such speakers can be quite expensive, and for that reason, the SVS subwoofer sale is a great option to buy subwoofers and other accessories at an affordable price.

SVS is a leading manufacturer of wireless speakers, subwoofers, and accessories. They are widely known for the best wireless surround sound systems that are not overpriced and of high performance compared to some high-end speakers. SVS is a company based in Ohio and has an agile team that ensures high-quality speakers reach the market. Being a US company comes with great benefits such as fast shipping services, reliable technical support, and so much more perks. According to their website, you get a 45-day risk-free in-home trial to see if their products work for you. Are the SVS subwoofers good enough? Well, let’s find out!

The 7 best SVS subwoofer sale

1) SVS Prime Tower 5.0

1) SVS Prime Tower 5.0

Pros and cons of SVS Prime Tower 5.0

  • Stunning design
  • Minimal noise distortion
  • Highs sound quality
  • Has premium-grade capacitors
  • Distortion at max volume

With a 5.0-star rating in various marketplaces, the SVs Prime Tower 5.0 is the epitome of majesty regarding sound quality.


The SVS Prime Tower comes with many cool specs. It features a rated bandwidth of 30 Hz-25 kHz with a signal loss of +-3 dB, which is quite stunning. The sensitivity clocks at 87 dB, and the recommended amplifier power range between 20-250 Watts.

SVS Prime Tower 5.0 comes with dual 1.7†wide flared rear-firing ports. The cloth grille with pin/cup offers a unique retention system, and you also get Elastomeric stick-on bumper feet.

It comes with an aluminum dome for a fantastic transient response and has an FEA-optimized diffuser. The speaker comes with an aluminum shorting ring that lowers distortion and enhances high-frequency response. The fiberglass composite basket ensures a stunning thermal transfer and component alignment on the device.

The speaker comes with dual 6.5†woofers that have excellent stiffness, and the long-stroke motor ensures there is high sound output with minimal distortion. The 6.5†woofer also has a vented voice coil minimized air compression artifacts.

The crossover cabinets come with superior-grade capacitors and heavy-trace printed circuit boards. The cabinet sealing ensures the sound is of high quality by having a separate midrange enclosure shifts. Having separate woofer enclosures that feature optimized port tuning frequencies delivers stunning bass output. Resonances are eliminated with an FEA-optimized cabinet. This speaker weighs close to 46.3 pounds when shipped.

Why should you buy the Prime Tower 5.0?

The compactness of this sound tower is quite stunning when compared to any other sound system. You can use it in a home, office, or car setting. The sound output is also high and despite everything from tweeters.

Affordability is also a recurring word in Svs vocabulary, so you will be getting this sound tower at a very affordable price when compared to some of the best soundbars for the money.

What is the expected lifespan?

The lifespan of this speaker depends on how well you take care of it. However, you can stay with it for more than a decade under good maintenance. Luckily, svs offer durable speakers, which can last long and are made of top-notch materials both inside and out.

A warranty also backs the speakers. To know your warranty, feel free to contact Svs via their website.

How cool and efficient is the design?

The cabinet design was designed perfectly to ensure minimized edge diffraction; hence you get perfect sound staging. It also blends in perfectly with its acoustic enhancements and a tweeter diffuser.

2) SVS Ultra bookshelf speaker

Pros and cons SVS ultra bookshelf speakers

  • Features a 2-way crossover
  • Clarity sound output
  • Easy to set-up
  • It features automated sound adjustment
  • The classy look is not appealing to many

If you have a minimalist home setting and are looking to get a speaker to bring in some vibrancy to your home décor, then this is the right option for you.


Glass-fiber cones-The glass fiber cones ensure stiffness to the mass ratio, which in turn promotes effective sensitivity and voicing; hence you get crystal clear audio at high volumes.

Aluminum dome tweeter-The aluminum dome twitter is super light and highly efficient to provide crystal authentic listening experience.

Vented voice coil- The vented voice coil minimizes air compression artifacts at high drive levels giving an ambient listening experience

Aluminum basket- Promotes effective sinking capacity to get perfect alignment of audio output.

FEA-optimized diffuser- This diffuser delivers a stunning sound quality with minimal noise and distortion, especially for max volume. This makes it easy to enjoy several modes, just like the automation in some flagship speakers.

Weight– This speaker weighs only 42 pounds when shipped. It also has sleek dimensions that promote perfect compactness in any home setting.

Why should you buy the ultra bookshelf speaker?

Whether you are a student, or anyone looking to get a speaker, this device is an excellent option for you. It is relatively small and lightweight; hence can fit into any place on your bookshelf.

The ultra bookshelf speaker offers stunning control and automation in accordance with what you are watching and listening to. The speaker comes with a great listening experience and is well designed to prevent distortion at high volumes.

The speaker is also affordable, and you are guaranteed reliable technical support from the company.

What is the expected lifespan?

This speaker can last you for more than a decade, depending on how well you care for it. To ensure long-term usage, avoid using them at high volume throughout and also take time to clean the dust on the surface from time to time.

How cool is the design?

The speakers are perfectly designed both inside and outside. The speaker cabinets are airtight sealed to prevent any noise or distortion from the speaker. It is also airtightly packed to avoid dust from entering inside the cabinet.

The cabinet features chamfers and has minimized edge diffraction for perfect sound staging. The cabinets also have separate layer-enclosures of the mid-bass driver and tweeter that minimize interaction between driver units.

Where to buy Svs ultra bookshelf speakers?

You can buy the svs speaker from the svs official website or Amazon. Amazon offers fast delivery via Amazon Prime, and you also get dedicated customer support.

3) SVS Prime Satellite speakers with subwoofer

Pros and cons Svs Prime satellite speakers

  • It is easy to set-up
  • Supports all-mounting
  • Automated sound adjustment
  • No distortion at max volume
  • Sound-match 2 way crossover is not very effective

The SVS Prime Satellite speakers have some sort of similarity with the wireless surround sound speakers for TV, but the sound quality will awe you immensely when you get to use them.


Cone Material- Is extremely light and is relatively rigid to maintain a flat frequency response and to handle across the mid-range frequencies.

Aluminum dome tweeter- It is quite useful, rigid, and plays crystal clear sound at high volumes. The tweeter also ensures that sound is always natural and easily automated to whatever you are watching.

Sound match 2-way crossover- This speaker is tapered to minimize beaming chances, hence creating a perfect sound output and accurate frequency response at all listening positions in the room. It also ensures precise processing of highs, mids, and lows during sound output.

Keyway bracket- The keyway bracket makes it simple to mount the speaker on the wall, and the package comes with extra bumper pads for wall stand-off.

Colors- You can choose colors ranging from Black Ash, Piano Gloss Black, and Piano Gloss white finish options.

Weight- The speaker ships at 21.7 pounds and weighs 6.5 pounds when unboxed.

Why should you buy prime satellite speakers?

There are many reasons to buy this speaker. The satellite speaker is under $1000, which is relatively cheap, and at the same time, it offers specs higher than some flagship speakers.

Buying this speaker assures you of better listening experience in the long-term, and you will have zero issues with distortion or low sound quality at any time.

The speaker also comes with accurate automation, whereby it adjusts itself according to the sound setting to ensure perfect sound clarity to whatever you are listening to or watching.

The speaker is lightweight and compact, ensures you can easily place it in any location of your home. The speaker can also be mounted on the wall, and you can get reliable technical support from svs if you wish to do so.

Is the sound clarity of the svs prime satellite good?

Yes! The sound clarity of this speaker is splendid, and if you buy it with the subwoofer, you get an immersive experience just like the surround sound systems.  Connectivity is also fast, and wireless sound output is quite good too.

If you use the recommended amplifier power ranging between 20-150 Watts, the sound output will always be perfect with minimal distortion. It also comes with a sensitivity of 85 dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

To spice the specs up, the rated bandwidth of this speaker ranges between 69 kHz-25 kHz.

Where to buy Svs Prime satellite speakers?

The speaker recommends it from an authorized dealer like Amazon or the official website. You can also visit local sound stores to test out the product before purchasing it.

4) SVS Ultra Tower Flagship 3

Pros and cons svs ultra tower

  • Stunning Bass output
  • Perfect stereo imaging
  • Amazing scale
  • Sturdy
  • It lacks a dynamic punch

Judging by its name, the SVS Tower Flagship 3 is a flagship killer. The speaker offers many cool features.


Height- The speaker stands at 45†tall, and this ensures you get the perfect audio quality and also a well-balanced listening experience around the room.

Bass quality- The Bass quality is super excellent, and it features a detailed soundstage with incredible resolution and amazingly rich bass quality.

Body design- The body design is super impressive, with its stunning premium-grade finishes in a piano gloss black.  You can also get the black oak color with a unique design that blends in with any home décor.

Ultra surround- The speaker comes with high-definition sound effects, and it is easily automated to suit what you are watching at any time. Whether it’s watching movies, listening to Music, the ultra surround delivers ambient clarity to your house with minimal noise distortion.

The aluminum wall mounting bracket ensures you get a perfect attachment to the wall and experience zero distortion.

Compact driver array- The speakers feature a stunning close driver array with 45-degree baffles and shallow cabinet depth.

Ultra center channel loudspeaker- The ultra center comes with red-black oak veneer and piano gloss black finish options. It also features dual gold-plated 5-way binding posts and has a cloth grille with a pin/cup retention system.

Frequency response- The rated bandwidth ranges between 28 kHz-32 kHz and has a nominal impedance of up to 8 ohms. The sensitivity clocks at 88 dB, and also recommended amplifier power are 20-300 watts.

Weight- The sound stem weighs 75.4 pounds when unboxed and 86 pounds when shipped.

Aluminum dome tweeter- The dome tweeter comes with an FEA-optimized diffuser that ensures the perfect presentation of sound output. The aluminum dome delivers excellent stiffness/mass ratio.

Midrange drivers/woofers- The midrange drivers come with an aluminum shorting ring to reduce gap inductance and lower distortion. You also get a vented voice coil to minimize air compression artifacts at high drive levels. The woofers have a long stroke motor and suspension for high output.

How cool is the cabinet design for svs ultra tower flagship 3?

The Ultra tower flagship 3 comes with a stunning cabinet design that has sleek edges. There is also a well-separated point between drivers and tweeters to minimize distortion; hence you get a perfect listening experience.

Can you get a customized svs ultra tower?

The Svs has not stated this option, but you can contact them to learn more about what they have to offer when it comes to customizing the speakers.

5) SVS Prime Tower speaker

Pros and cons SVS Prime Tower speaker

  • Easy to set-up
  • No distortion
  • Surround sound system
  • Well-designed tower speaker
  • Not good for open spaces

The Prime tower speaker offers excellent value to your listening experience with many cool features. Learn more about the specs below.


SoundMatch 3.5-way Crossover-It features a 3.5-way crossover that contains air-core inductors and premium grade capacitors to ensure you get consistent and non-lagging sound quality.

Frequencies- 80% of the sound is offered at medium frequencies; hence you get a stunning audio output efficiently.  The on and off-axis frequency response ensures that people get an excellent surround sound experience in any room setting.

FEA-Optimized- The speaker is FEA-Optimized and contains diffusers to promote broad dispersion for a fantastic sound staging experience.

Aluminum dome tweeter- The dome tweeter is placed accurately, and it is light and efficient; hence there is minimal distortion, especially during high sound pressure levels.

Cabinet design- The cabinet has been wee designed to ensure perfect sound output. The edges are tapered to minimize diffraction and ensure precise sound staging.

The side panels of the tower speaker’s fire sound in different directions to deliver an experience even better than the surround sound systems.

Inside the cabinet are two separate sealed enclosures that optimize performance and minimize interaction between drivers; hence you get top-notch sound without distortion. Positioning the two drivers’ tweeter ensures high-frequency output with minimal reflections to the ceiling and the floor.

Why buy the Prime tower speaker?

The Prime tower speaker offers excellent sound output with minimal distortion. It is also well-designed to fit blend in easily with the home décor.

SVs give you a 45-day risk-free in-home trial, and you also get a 5-year unconditional warranty. The warranty terms are quite excellent, so if you have any issues, please contact them, and they will be ready to help.

The tweeter is also well placed to ensure there are minimal distortion and ambient sound dispersion across the whole room.

The Bass is also super impressive, and you will be amazed that there is no noise or interference with the tweeter and vibration.

Where to buy Svs Prime Tower speaker?

You can get the svs speaker from Amazon. Amazon is a well-known partner of SVs, and the same terms you get on their website is what you get on Amazon.

Can I place the speaker vertically?

Though it has not been reviewed or recommended by Svs, you can try placing the speaker vertically if you think it will blend in perfectly with your home décor. However, it is recommended to contact SVs support assistance for more information on speaker placement.

6) SVS Prime Wireless speaker (Piano Black Gloss)

Pros and cons Svs Prime wireless speaker

  • Fast wireless connectivity
  • Stunning design
  • Cord connectivity is fast
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • CD player sound quality is not suitable for some devices

The best soundbar for the money can be a great option to cut costs on speakers, but the Svs Prime wireless remains unbeaten.


Wireless connection- The speaker supports a wide range of wireless connectivity from WIFI, Bluetooth, and direct contacts. You can also use the DTS play-FI App that works in Android, Windows, and Apple. The app allows you to access streaming Apps at one point and distributes it to the speaker system.

Voice control- This device works with Amazon Alexa seamlessly, and you can perform tasks like skip tracks, pause, and play music.

Multi-room efficiency– The multi-room efficiency ensures that audio is distributed perfectly in high-resolution. This is supported with WIFI connectivity.  The speaker is also compatible with all DTS Play-Fi enabled products.

Supports subwoofer output– You can connect this speaker with an svs subwoofer or a brand of your choosing and get to enjoy fantastic bass and more thrilling listening experience.

Cord inputs- The speaker supports a USB port for charging for mobile devices. The device also supports connectivity directly to a computer hence clearing a desktop audiophile system. Ethernet input for hard-wired internet connection is also supported. The speaker also supports a standard detachable power cord, and a standard speaker interconnects cable.

Frequency response- The frequency response clocks at 52 kHz-25 kHz.

What entails the warranty/money-back-guarantee for this device?

Svs supports 2-year warranty on this speaker with automated returns. With the computerized returns, you never have to worry about a crap process of going circles with the manufacturer just to get a refund or return the device.

Also, Svs offers a 45-day risk-free trial, and if you have any issues, their support line is readily available for any help. To learn more about the warranty, visit their website.

Why should you buy the Svs Prime wireless speaker?

The speaker supports seamless wireless connectivity, which is relatively stable in whatever room you are in. The speaker also comes with an aluminum dome tweeter, an FEA-optimized diffuser for airy and unveiled presentation.

The surround sound system makes it outrank some of the best soundbars for the money with its stunning surround sound system is super-efficient. It also supports a wide range of wireless connectivity and cords input and output, making it easier to connect your devices easily. The choice to add a subwoofer for a better Bass experience is also available.

What colors are available for the SVs prime wireless speaker?

The Prime wireless speaker is known to come in black color. However, if you think you need another color, feel free to inquire via their website.

Where to buy Svs Prime wireless speaker?

The Prime wireless speaker can be bought on Amazon, where it is on sale at a super affordable price.

7) SVS Prime Wireless soundbase

Pros and cons Svs Prime wireless soundbase

  • Compatible with voice assistance
  • Powerful
  • Supports wireless speakers effectively
  • Easy to set-up
  • Surround sound is not supported for some speakers

Affordability and high quality are what comes to your mind on this sound base.


Power input- The sound base delivers up to 300 watts of power that ensure the high-resolution of audio-output is delivered.

Wireless connectivity- Wireless connectivity is super fast and stable regardless of whether you are connected via Bluetooth or WIFI. You can also use the adt playful App for the effective integration of your Music/ video Apps.

Wired connectivity- wired connectivity is supported via several ports if you are looking to use them. The soundbase supports 3.5 mm headphone output, RCA left/right output, and subwoofer output. The speaker also supports To slink Optical input that is super-efficient.

Body build quality- The body design is quite amusing, and it is made of durable material with slink edges and stunning placement of ports.

Acoustic specs- For acoustic specs, we have a rated bandwidth of 10 Hz-20kHz and power amplification of 300 watts. The Signal noise ratio is 90 dB.

Weight- The weight of this sound base when unboxed clocks at 4.89 lbs.

What do you need to know about the warranty/refund policy?

The device comes with an unconditional 2-year warranty. They also offer a 45-day free risk guarantee. Automated refunds ensure you get your refunds on time, unlike a lengthy process of certifying whether you are eligible or not.

Why should you buy the Prime wireless soundbase?

The speaker is known to offer great value for your money with its wide range of features that you will love. The device supports seamless wireless connectivity that is fast and of high-resolution.

Voice control is also super-efficient through Amazon Alexa. You can also easily connect to an AV receiver or two-channel stereo system through line-level output.

It has also been correctly designed to give it a modern and classy look with its stunning edges and adjustment knobs.

Where to buy SVS Prime wireless soundbase?

The soundbase can be bought from Amazon at an affordable price, or you can visit their website to learn more about recommended retailers near you. You can also contact them to know locations where you can test out the speakers to see whether they have an incredible sound experience or just PR.

Bottom line

SVS subwoofers and sound systems deliver pleasant sound to your home or any setting of your choice. No matter your budget, the best svs subwoofer sales offer outstanding value of money for excellent speakers. All the speakers have a warranty, and you get reliable technical support from the company. To get started, visit the link below a product of your choice!

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