Sound World Solutions CSs50+ Bluetooth Sound Amplifier

There are many different kinds of hearing aids. Among the many hearing aids, Sound World Solutions CS50+ stands out. It has a high sound capturing capability. However, while many work with either ear, Sound World Solutions CS50+ only works with the right ear. Despite that, it can still help you.

The device has Bluetooth connectivity that assists you in connecting with smartphones for more natural communication. You can stream music and at the same time, listen to your colleagues speaking to you. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, whereby it supports A2DP, AVRCP, and HFP. It can also connect to laptops.

Although Sound World Solutions CS50 is not the best hearing aid under $100, it is worthy of its price. It is durable and reliable. Above all, it can suit the seniors largely. If you have your old grandfather or grandmother, you can consider purchasing this gadget for your free-time usage.

What is the General Description of Sound World Solutions CS50+?

Sound World Solutions CS50+

The device utilizes all the aspects of modern hearing aid technology. First, it has inbuilt Bluetooth hearing aid technology. It can connect with gadgets such as android smartphones, apple smartphones, computers, and tablets. It means that you can stream music from your device and enjoy every sound bit as you relax.

Again, you can automatically receive voice calls without touching your phone. As long, your hearing aid is on, the phone passes on the sound to the device, and you can talk as you move around with your chores. However, for android phones, the device only connects with android version 4 and above.

Secondly, the device has environmental settings that help you adjust to the best mode possible to receive the best sound ever. The three ways include everyday mode, restaurant mode, and an entertainment mode.

The everyday mode enables you to customize your amplification profile further. It means that the electrical signals become stronger than for the typical case.

The restaurant mode eliminates the background sounds and picks right from the front microphone. The style is useful during important meetings since you can easily listen to speakers without struggling.

When on the entertainment mode, the device increases the low-frequency response to deliver the best and more natural balanced sounds, especially during concerts and music festivals.

The device has an accompanying app. You can easily control the device volume and sound quality using the app. In short, the device becomes easy to customize than without the app.

The device’s languages include English, French, Hindi, and Spanish. The battery can last for 12 hours after charging fully. It is a lithium-ion battery.

  • It has three modes of operation
  • It can reduce background noise
  • Has Bluetooth technology
  • The battery can last for more than 12 hours
  • It has an operation app
  • Does not support android versions before version 4

What are the main components of Sound World Solutions CS50+?

As one of the best hearing aid for profound hearing loss Sound World Solutions CS50+ has four main components. The parts coordinate together for the optimum performance of the device. They include the microphone, amplifier, receivers/ output transducers, and earldom. Other elements include a battery compartment, volume control knobs, the casing, the ear hook, mode selector button, and on/off switch.

Let me take you through the main components in detail.

1. Microphone

The microphone receives sound signals around you. Sound World Solutions CS50+ has a highly sensitive microphone. It is bigger and thus receives full frequency that makes it very efficient. Unlike the hearing aids with narrow microphones,

Sound World Solutions CS50+ microphone can capture any sound within your locality with high precision. Once the receiver picks the signals, it converts them to electric signals and delivers them to the amplifier.

2. Amplifier

The speaker is the main component of the hearing aid. Some people call it the workhorse of the device. It is just like the human heart in that; it is like the engine of the hearing aid.

It receives electrical sound signals from the microphone and makes them stronger. During the strengthening or in other words amplification, the amplifier drops some unnecessary sounds. By using small components called potentiometers, the amplifier alters the sounds into the preferable ones.

Potentiometers are little mechanical screws inside the hearing aid, which are computer-mediated. Upon amplification, the electrical sound signals move to the receiver.

3. Receiver/ output transducer

The receiver receives amplified sounds from the amplifier. The sound signals make the transducer to vibrate, thus sending messages to the ear. The sound vibrations hit the three bones of the ear, making them vibrate as well, thus sending sound signals to the nervous system. To be precise, the receiver is the speaker of the hearing aid.

4. Earldom

The part holds the hearing aid to the ear. In addition to keeping the device on the ear, it allows modification of the sound coming from the receiver for maximum hearing effect. It has a hypo-allergic plastic coating to prevent allergic reactions in the ear.

How do you Take Care of the Device?

Every electronic device lasts longer when taken good care of properly. That is why someone buys a radio but damages it and leaves someone else operating his or her radio properly. The difference is the way the two take care of the machines.

The following guidelines will help you extend the life of your hearing aid.

  • Keep the device in a cool and dry place. High temperatures can render the device unusable.
  • Keep the hearing aid away from children. They may damage it if they come across it.
  • Just put it off when not in use. It helps conserve the battery.
  • Do not wear your hearing aid when using aerosols. Some of these chemicals are corrosive and can ultimately damage your device.

Following these guidelines saves you from spending a lot of money from frequently buying new hearing aids.

Bottom Line

Sound World Solutions CS50+ has helped many people to lead normal lives. When not in a position to hear people conversing, you feel very embarrassed, more so when people are talking and laughing loudly, yet you cannot figure out what they are saying. When on Sound World Solutions CS50+, everything is so beautiful. You can get everything happening around. Above all, you can listen to music, answer calls, and watch television programs.

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