The 5 Best Cheapest Cell Phone Service Providers

There are many cell phone service providers in the U.S. You might be probably wondering which carrier offers excellent network coverage and mobile plans at affordable prices. Many carriers provide these services at high prices. Today I will inform you of the cheapest cell phone service providers in the U.S.!

Yes, there are cheap cell phone service providers that offer excellent network coverage across various states in the U.S. These carriers have enticing affordable mobile plans to their customers. The offers are suitable for individuals who are on a tight monthly budget; thus, you can save a few bucks to cater for other expenses. Also, the carriers have great deals on the family plans; so if you want to get numerous lines then the multi-line discount is also available

These service providers have great phone deals for its customers especially in terms of cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything. The carriers have retail stores across the country; thus, you can get the devices at a discount at various times of the year. The service providers have excellent customer care service hence no need to worry about harsh treatment from other service providers. Also, these service providers offer their service with no annual contract, thus reducing the Hussle. This article will guide you on which service provider to choose and inform you of the various deals offered by the different cell phone service providers.

How do you choose the best cell phone service, the provider?

Cheapest Cell Phone Service Providers

Are you stranded on the cell phone service provider you will choose? Worry not as I will give you tips on how to choose the best and cheapest cell phone service provider in your area.

Confirm the network coverage

To enjoy the services on a particular provider, you need to check out their network coverage. The service provider should have excellent network coverage in your area and even in another area if you like traveling.

Calculate the costs and data usage

Before subscribing to the carrier’s mobile plans, compare with various prices offered by the carriers. Also determines the data usage you will require to avoid extra costs of buying data.

Top 5 Best Cheapest Cell Phone Service Providers

1. Mint Mobile

For status, Mint Mobile operates on the T-Mobile GSM network. With this in mind, you need to get GSM enabled phone to enjoy the services offered. The carrier provides phones at pocket-friendly prices at their store. You can bring your unlocked GSM phone, and you can keep your current number.

Mint Mobile enables its customers to purchase the services you want online, thus no need to be bugged by the salesperson. What makes Mint Mobile unique, unlike other carriers offering their plan per month Mint comes with a 3,6 or 12 month servings. It helps you to save on your monthly costs. The mobile plans offered are as follows;

3-month plans

  • 3GB 4G LTE at $15 per month, a total of $45.
  • 8GB 4G LTE at $20 per month, a total of $60.
  • 12GB 4G LTE at $25 per month, a total of $75.

6-month plans

  • 3GB 4G LTE at $20/month, a total of $120.
  • 8GB 4G LTE at $25/month, a total of $150.
  • 12GB 4G LTE at $35/month a total of $210.

12-month plans

  • 3GB 4G LTE at $15/month a total of $180.
  • 8GB 4G LTE at $20/month, a total of $240.
  • 12GB 4G LTE at $25/month, a total of $300.

Also, these plans come with unlimited talk and text. Worried, the data is less? Worry no more as Mint does offer extra data if you exhaust your data. Mint has the best cheapest phone plans for one person. Check out their website for more information.

2. Metro by T-Mobile

Formerly known as MetroPCS, Metro has excellent offers for its customers. The carriers being under T-Mobile you will get excellent network coverage in your area. Metro has enticing mobile plans offers with no annual contracts and limits. The mobile plans categorized into two prepaid services; both two limited and unlimited mobile plans. The plans are as follows;

  • 2GB High-speed data at $30.
  • 10GB High-speed internet and unlimited music streaming at $40 per month.
  • Unlimited High-speed- 5GB of Hotspot data and Google One 100GB cloud storage.
  • Unlimited high-speed plan – 15GB mobile hotspot data, Google One, and Amazon Prime.

Metro family plans are cheap as customers can have up to five lines on one mobile plan with heartwarming of up to $30 discount for each additional line. The cell phone service provider has excellent phone deals at their stores. At their store, you can get cheap iPhones without a contract.  If you love the phone you already have, then you can bring it provided it meets the requirements. Check out their website for more information.

3. Cricket Wireless

Cricket wireless is a carrier in the U.S. that is owned by AT&T. Since it runs in its parent company network, this means that it has the same coverage, call, text, and data performance. The carrier has exceptional customer service and 10 million and counting customers. The service provider has excellent mobile plans with no annual contract and overages. The monthly plans are as follows;

  • Unlimited text and talk time at $25.
  • 2GB with unlimited talk, texts at $30.
  • 5GB with unlimited talk and text at $40.
  • Cricket Core: Unlimited data, text, calls, and video streaming at $55.
  • Cricket More: Unlimited data, video streaming, calls and text, and 15GB of mobile hotspot at $60.

One can save $5 per month each line on plans above $40 if you opt for the AutoPay credit option. Cricket has the Group Save discount on its 5GB, Cricket core, and More plans. This feature enables one to save money on family plans.

The carriers also have great phone deals at their stores with the latest smartphones. Cricket also allows to bring his/her device provided it meets the requirements – for more information.

4. Visible Mobile

Visible is a prepaid cell phone provides owned by Verizon. The carrier has great network coverage across all states in the country. The carrier allows secure sign up to its customers. Currently, if you switch to Visible, you get a $200 prepaid Mastercard® Virtual account!!

What makes the carrier unique is that Visible plans and phones are sold online or through their Visible app. The service provider has the free cell phone service for life unlimited everything with only one plan; Unlimited everything (data, texts, and talk time) at only $40.

Also, the plans enable the mobile hotspot with speeds capped at 5 Mbps. Visible Mobile offers top-notch phones from the top leading phone companies; Samsung, Apple, L.G. At their store, you can get the latest smartphone in the market.

You can get the devices at their store at pocket-friendly prices. Visible allows one to bring his/her device provided the smartphone meets the company’s requirements. Visible offers these services with no annual contract. Feel free to check out their website here.

5. Consumer Cellular

To finish off our list today is the Consumer Cellular. Consumer Cellular is among the best service provider in the U.S., thus being awarded by J.D. Power for being No.1 in customer service among Non-contract value wireless providers 7x in a row. With such exceptional performances, you will enjoy superb network coverage.

Consumer cellular offers flexible in both mobile plans and phone deals at pocket-friendly prices. In the mobile plans, you can combine the package for minutes and data to suit your usage. The carrier’s plan split into two; Talk and connect. The mobile plans are as follows;

Talk plan

  • Two hundred fifty minutes at $15/month.
  • Unlimited at $20/month.

Connect Plan

  • 500MB at $5/month.
  • 3GB at $10/month.
  • $10GB at $20/month.
  • 15GB at $30/month.
  • 25GB at $40/month.

Note that the connect plans come with unlimited text. If you opt to add another line, you can get at $15, which is suitable if you choose to add your family members. Consumer Cellular offers discounts to AARP members, a 5% discount on service and usage per month, and a 30% discount on accessories.

At their store, you can get the latest devices in the market and the type of phone you want from a flip phone to smartphones. If you have a device, you can bring the device provided it meet their requirements. Check out their website for more information.

Bottom Line

From the article, you can agree with me by saying you save money from the service providers mentioned above. The service providers mentioned above have great deals on their mobile plans and still offer good network coverage across all the states. The carriers have a great discount on their phones in their stores and have reasonable offers when you switch to their network.

The services providers consider everybody needs; those who require much data and those who use their devices for a short time. Also, they offer their services with no annual contract. From the article, you can now decide on the service provider you want.

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