The 7 Best Cheap Hearing Aid

It is estimated that 48 million Americans suffer from various forms of hearing loss of which the majority of them are seniors. The adults who may suffer fall in the age bracket of 64-74  and according to the National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, it has been noted that at the age of 75 half of the seniors report hearing loss. Though there various remedies to the case the best choice is that you can go for the best cheap hearing aid in the market.

You might be wondering why am putting emphasis on hearing loss and why it is important to shed light o it. If a hearing loss case is not attended to then it can lead to serious repercussion thus it is a serious case and you need to consult your doctor. Also, if you don’t consult the doctor then you might experience memory, concentration and even dementia. You can opt for the best hearing aid under $100 as it can help in hearing as hearing loss is due to the inner hair cells that are dead thus it won’t pick up any sound-waves.

Before you go get a hearing aid I highly recommend that you go to a doctor so that they can recommend the ideal hearing aid to avoid any inconveniences. Getting the ideal hearing aid can be a hassle as various stores are selling the gadget. No need to worry as you are in the place as I will guide you through the best cheap hearing aid and the various features has to offer. Also, you will get various tips that you can adhere to while you go to buy one. Read ahead to find out.

What causes hearing loss?

Best Cheap Hearing Aid

There is various form of hearing loss but the most common one is the Sensorineural. Sensorineural happens as a result of the damage to the tiny cells hair cells in the inner ear. These tiny hairs help convert incoming sound waves to electrical signals that are transmitted to the brain which in turn transform it into meaningful information.

What damages the tiny hair cells in the ear? Well, chronic exposure to loud noises and aging are the main causes of damage but also family loss of hearing loss, illness and certain medication can increase the chances of getting hearing loss. Often Sensorineural isn’t reversible you can manage the problem by getting the best hearing aid under $100 that selectively amplifies sound.

Another cause of hearing loss which is less common is called Conductive hearing loss. It is as a result of a physical blockage or malformation in the middle or outer ear. It can be impacted earwax, certain disorders, fluid buildup in the middle ear due to an infection. This can be treated can by corrective surgery, removing the wax buildup in the outer ear.

What to consider while shopping?

According to the Consumer Reports survey, it was observed that 60% of the individuals with the gadget has to wait for a longer time after noticing the problem. 42% of the people mostly complained about the prices of hearing aids. Here are a few tips that you can follow to go

i) Get a detailed written contract

Once you get the ideal hearing aid you need to get a contract that allows you to return your aid if you aren’t satisfied with them. Also, ensure that you will get your money back. Check the length of the warranty period, the other features it comes with and what’s included in the price offered.

ii) Coverage

Though most of the insurance companies don’t cover hearing aid some individuals can access especially if you participate in the lifeline program. Other plans such as Medicare Advantage that offers partial coverage or discounts.

iii) Get what you need

You can get the economy hearing aids has the features that you need. You can test it out at the provider and you can check out the premium aid, an economy aid and Best Rated Hearing Aid  so that you can note the difference. Though the Bluetooth capability is a great feature, you will have to add up a few dollars to your bill.

iv) Seek for assistance

You can go to the various independent groups and government programs such as Lions Club that can help you pay for hearing aids or get discounts.

Top 7 cheap hearing aid

1) Otofonix Encore

Otofonix Elite Hearing

Designed by doctors, Otofonix Encore comes with up to 53 dB of gain that makes it’s ideal for moderate to severe hearing loss. Being among the best hearing aid for profound hearing loss, it shall restore your confidence so that you can enjoy life again and share the precious of the family.

It comes with two directional microphones for superior noise-canceling so that you can cancel the unnecessary noise around you. Also, it comes with feedback suppression technology to reduce whistling and personal sound amplifiers that boost frequencies of the human voice.

  • Superior noise cancellation
  • Easy to use
  • Small in size
  • It has feedback suppression technology
  • Personal sound amplifiers
  • No rechargeable battery

2) Otofonix Apex

Otofonix Apex

Another ideal hearing aid for you is the Otofonix Apex. With a 35 dB gain, the hearing aid is ideal for mild to moderate hearing loss. It comes with three different listening programs and eight-volume levels to accommodate everyday environments. Also, these models help adjust to the current environment you are in.

It comes with advanced noise-canceling, feedback suppression, and background reduction so that you can get clearer audio. It has a modern design as the mini-sized hearing aids has a near-invisible look. It comes with fourteen batteries, four sound tubes, and six dome styles so that you can adjust to your liking.

  • Three different listening programs
  • It has a 35dB gain
  • Advanced noise-canceling
  • Modern design
  • A year warranty
  • You will have to buy button batteries when you run out

3) LifeEar Empower Hearing amplifier

LifeEar Empower Hearing amplifier

Designed by the best audiologist, the Empower comes with a dynamic digital amplification that brings out the conversation so that you can easily understand everything being said. Unlike other hearing aids where you have to pay for hearing options, Empower boost hearing amplifiers that use an advanced 12-band band processing that precisely boosts the frequencies associated with the human voices.

Also, you can control programs and volume with a single switch and has four different programs that you can adjust to suit your environment. With its design, one will barely notice it as the high-tech hearing amplification device is small in size and fits discretely and compactly behind your ear.

  • Thin and small in size
  • It comes with eight batteries
  • It has an advanced 12-band processing
  • Crystal conversation
  • Dynamic digital amplification
  • Prone to ear wax

4) Banglijian Hearing Amplifier

Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Ziv-206

Banglijian Hearing amplifier has been designed by the top audiologist hence it is easy to use, durable and comfortable to wear. It reduces the hassle of having to buy the button batteries as it has a rechargeable battery that you can charge via USB cable anywhere anytime.

The battery is environmentally friendly so no need to worry about it transmitting radiations. It comes with a noise reduction feature that helps the user hear with maximum clarity.

  • Users enjoy maximum clarity
  • It has a rechargeable battery
  • Full digital circuitry
  • A long-lasting battery
  • Easy to use
  • Not suitable for severe hearing loss cases

5) Clearon Hearing amplifier

Clearon Hearing amplifier

The amplifier allows you to adjust the volume so that you can understand voices in restaurants, meetings, and other environments. It uses two microphones Noise Blocker system designed to reduce volume levels of distracting backgrounds sounds.

It has a long and wide frequency range to capture the natural and accurate sound. It comes with six zinc-air batteries so that you can change anytime.  Also, it comes with cleaning tools to avoid damage due to wax.

  • An efficient cleaning tool
  • Six zinc-air batteries
  • Wide frequency range
  • Noise reduction system
  • An adjustable volume
  • It is visible when worn

6) Britzgo Digital hearing aid

Britzgo Bha 220

With the 220 at your side, it will let you experience life without limits. It has a maximum output design made to boost voices and conversation in any setting thus you will catch every word. It comes with over-sized buttons that are effortless to control plus it comes with a large battery and cartridge making it a breeze when replacing it. It has an advanced digital circuitry that makes it incredibly reliable and convenient.

  • Reliable components
  • Works on either ear
  • You can adjust it to your environment
  • A long-life battery
  • It boosts the voice and conversations
  • Not waterproof

7) Banglijian hearing Amplifier BLJ-109

Banglijian hearing Amplifier BLJ-109

The hearing aid is comfortable on both ears and it is easy to use this you will experience any inconveniences. It comes with a high-quality lithium battery that saves you the hassle of buying button batteries. It has a full digital tone quality for low audio distortion and a clearer voice.

It has a noise reduction feature that helps the user hear with maximum clarity. The digital circuitry and adjustable volume control help you to tune to the environment.

  • An adjustable volume
  • Full digital tone quality
  • A rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • It isn’t waterproof

Wrap up

With the advancement of technology, it has provided various innovators with the platform to create proficient hearing aids for those in need of them. Due to these gadgets such as the ideal Bluetooth headset for phone calls, one can connect to their smartphones and do various things such as communicating with their peers, listen to music among others.

I highly recommend that you get them from Amazon as they offer significant discounts and delivered at your doorstep at a low shipping fee. I hope that I have answered your burning questions that you will choose the ideal cheap hearing aid.

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