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Hello there! Are you stuck on choosing the best cell phone plan to go for this year? Are you on a cell phone plan and want to switch to the best cell phone plan that will be more efficient for you? Then this article is for you. There are four major standard service providers in the US and more than 20 MVNOs who provide cell phone plans to American Citizens. If you are wondering who has the best cell phone plan, then you are on the right read!

Service providers offer different plans from each other. Some are good at cell phone plans for seniors, others are good at plans for kids while others offer the best deals on family and unlimited data plans. When it comes to choosing the cell phone plan, you need to layout what you really want from the service provider in terms of allocation of the talk, text and data units. There is no overall best cell phone plan but rather, the best cell phone plan is categorized to suit your needs.

Once you read this article, you will get to learn on the best cell phone plan for you based on whether you are a senior kid or whether you are looking for a family plan or unlimited cell phone plans.

What to know before choosing a cell phone plan?

The Best Cell Phone Plan

Below are things to know before choosing the best cell phone plan for you;

i) Areas of coverage

This is the core thing that you should always look for when choosing a service provider. They should offer stable network coverage in your area and if you tend to travel to different states, then a service provider with nationwide coverage is the best option.

ii) Customer reviews

The customer reviews will give you in-depth information on whether their services are reliable or not. Most service providers have community forums where customers can give opinions and reviews on their services. You can also do reviews on third party platforms like trust pilot.

iii) Costs

The best cell phone plan for you should be at par with your budget. Do not choose a plan which is expensive and you end up having piled up bills or being disconnected by the service provider.

iv) Customer care

A good cell phone plan provider should have a reliable customer care team who will always respond appropriately to any distress call. You can evaluate their customer services by reviewing what people say about them in the community forum.

What to avoid when selecting a cell phone plan?

There are things that will cause a red alarm when it comes to choosing a service provider. Here is a list of the red alerts;

  • Cell phone providers that use only 3G networks
  • Cell phone plans with hidden fees, taxes
  • Cell phone plans with fluctuating prices
  • Poor customer service
  • A service provider with complex plans- There are many service providers that deceive you by giving a wide range of false plans which may seem affordable until you opt for them and realize it was all false.
  • Terms and conditions/policies-Their policies tend to favor them more compared to you.

So before choosing a service provider, make sure to read and understand their terms/privacy policies to avoid any inconveniences when you have an issue with them.

How did we choose the best cell phone plan?

We evaluated the best cell phone plans based on several categories. There is no single cell phone plan that can be reliable for everyone. So, here is what we considered before evaluating the best service provider;

  • The best cell phone plan for kids
  • The best cell phone plan for seniors
  • Best family cell phone plans
  • Best plan for unlimited data
  • Cell phone plans for devices without cameras or internet
  • Individual cell phone plans
  • Cell phone plans for mobile hotspots

Who has the best cell phone plan?

Earlier on we mentioned how we evaluated cell phone plans based on several categories. Below is a detailed review of the best cell phone plan in each category;

1) Best cell phone plan for kids: Verizon wireless |Just kids plan

The Just Kids plan is a very reliable plan for kids especially for those 5 year olds with cell phones. The plan offers the following to its customers:

  • 5 GB of data per month
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • SD video streaming quality
  • Parental control app
  • Safe mode features to prevent underage people from going to their network

This just for kids plan goes for only $25 per month and there are no contracts, extra charges and hidden costs or taxes.  To get this plan, you should have already registered for any Verizon mix-matched plan.

2) Best cell phone plan for seniors: Sprint unlimited 55

Sprint mobile is one of the four major standard service providers in the US. The sprint phone plans are widely acknowledged for the integrity of their pricing and at no point will you be overcharged. The senior plan is offered to new customers at 55 years old and above.

You will have to proof your age by submitting a copy of your Id. The plan costs only $50 per month but if you get 2 lines you only pay $35 per month. The plan offers;

  • Unlimited text, talk and data
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot
  • SD quality video streaming

You can apply for this plan on their website.

3) Best family cell phone plan: T-Mobile family plan

T-Mobile is one of the key standard service providers in the US. They offer amazing deals on T-Mobile phone deals for existing customers and other amazing services in their platform. T-Mobile offers three simple plans all popularly known as Plan magenta. The plans have one thing in common in that;

  • Ou get free goodies every week
  • It comes with unlimited talk, text and data
  • You can have upto 4 lines
  • Discounts apply on each line you add and also if you consider using AutoPay
  • Unlimited talks, texts and data in Mexico and Canada
  • Unlimited Video streaming

The plans are divided into essentials, Magenta and Magenta plus. Essentials go for $30 per month while Magenta costs $35 per month per line and Magenta plus costs only $43 per month. You can get the T-Mobile family plan at their website.

4) Best plan for unlimited data: Visible mobile

Visible mobile is one of the new established service providers that have got the attention of many American citizens, They offer the best simple Unlimited data plan and it is not restricted to anyone in terms of age. They also provide their services under Verizon’s network making them very reliable in terms of network coverage. The plan comes with;

  • Unlimited data at 4G
  • No downtime or throttling
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot
  • WIFI calling feature

The Visible plan only goes for $40 per month and there is no contract.

5) Individual/single line cell phone plan: Metro-by-t-mobile

Metro offers the best individual plans you can ever find in any service provider. They also use T-Mobile to offer their coverage and T-mobile covers up to 99% of America. The plans are well categorized in terms of pricing to ensure everyone gets the best deals with regards to the services offered.

The plans cost between $40 and $60 per month. If you choose the maximum plan, you will be getting the following features;

  • 15 GB of mobile hotspot
  • Amazon prime services
  • Unlimited music streaming
  • HD video streaming
  • Unlimited talk, text and data
  • 100 GB of cloud storage by Google 1.

Apply for the metro individual plan on their website.

6) Best mobile hotspot cell phone plan: Tello

The Tello mobile hotspot plan comes with great perks and what’s more fascinating is that you don’t have to pay extra money for hotspot use.

Despite not offering unlimited mobile hotspot plans, you get the best deals on data plans plus Tello offers hotspots across several locations so you will never miss out on data if you are moving to a different location.

The Tello plan offers 4GB of data per month and you get up to 4g LTE network coverage. You can get the mobile hotspot plan at Ting Mobile’s website.

7) Cell phone plan for phones without camera or internet: AT&T

Cell phones without Camera or internet also need a mobile plan to enable communication.  AT&T offers the best plan in this category. With AT&T, you are assured of nationwide coverage and they have no contract for this plan. Currently the plan goes at only $17 per month whereby you get unlimited talk and texts. There are no restrictions on age when making the application.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best cell phone pan, you need to evaluate on what you will benefit most from it. Whether it is data you want more, or a family plan or a plan for kids, you  should always evaluate such factors so as to end up with the best plan to suit your needs. I hope this article has given you precise information with regards to what you need to know on the best cell phone plan.

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