The 10 Best Assurance Wireless Replacement Phone

So, you have lost your phone. Or maybe you just got mugged by a lawless chap, and your phone got stolen in the process. Did you know that you could get your phone replaced without buying a new phone? Commonly referred to as the free government cell phone program, assurance wireless replacement phone service is a phone replacement company that will sort out your phone issues pretty easily.

It’s among the top 5 phone replacement companies in the US that you can bank on to replace your lost phone. Though these companies have their own scope or reach, they are more or less similar in their policies.

What is Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless Replacement Phone

Assurance company is a free government cell phone company that operates in the United States. It’s affiliated to Virgin Island as a subsidiary. If you are eligible for their services, you stand to gain from these range of benefits that include but not limited to voice minutes-350, a free Smartphone- Android version and unlimited text bundles at no cost.

Assurance wireless compatible phones has a wide outreach and operates in several states including Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Florida, Michigan, Maryland, Columbia, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Washington, West Virginia, and California to name a few. In total, the Assurance wireless replacement phone serves 40 states.

To that end, California has the best of deals when it comes to Assurance Wireless. Residents benefit from a free Android smartphone, unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 500 MB data.

Can I Transfer My Assurance Wireless to Another Phone?

While it is advisable to stick the phone provided by Assurance Wireless, you may want to transfer your Assurance Wireless service to another phone. Is this possible and can all phones accommodate this transfer? Well, this is close to impossible and at best not workable.

Free cell phones are made to be compatible with the Lifeline Assistance Program they have been ascribed too. What this means with Assurance Wireless programmers is that it can’t be transferred to your phone or another phone unless your phone is compatible.

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Can I Use My Phone for Assurance Wireless?

This is perhaps the most asked question. Subscribers sometimes find it uncomfortable using phones provided by Assurance Wireless. As such, a good percentage of the subscribers always want to change their assurance wireless provided phones to the ones that suit them best.

Almost always, Assurance Wireless doesn’t have a provision for bringing your own phone to use in their service. To add on, it is quite impossible to use a phone that is from another phone replacement program with Assurance Wireless phone replacement service.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, some Virgin mobile phones can be used with an Assurance Wireless account. The Jax phone by Kyocera works well with an Assurance Wireless account. On the contrary, phones such as Super Model, Party Animal, Blackberry® and Android® models should never be used with Assurance Wireless. For the best user experience, you want to stick to the assurance wireless replacement phone.

What Carrier Does Assurance Wireless Use?

Assurance wireless replacement phone is managed by Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint /Nextel. As their carrier, Virgin Mobile issues phones that are compatible with assurance wireless program. The Federal government also has a hand in this arrangement. They provide subsidies to Virgin Mobile. Also, in the picture is the Universal Service Fund.

The Federal government together with the Universal Service Fund form the Federal universal service fund that is responsible for the provision of Lifeline Government Welfare to telecommunication companies.  As a result of this partnership, $10 are given to every subscriber with an Assurance Wireless compatible phone. Low-income families are the greatest beneficiaries of this program. Assurance Wireless replacement phone service has enabled them to acquire phones at fewer dollars to 0 costs.

How Do I Unlock My Assurance Wireless Phone?

Locking or unlocking an assurance wireless replacement phone shouldn’t be a tall order for you.  When unlocking your handset, simply press the power button. This will turn the screen on. At this point, tap the screen and hold on to it. Your handset is now unlocked. However, if the phone has a pattern, password or PIN enabled, you will need to enter the correct one before your phone becomes fully unlocked.

However, there are instances when your password gets lost, and you can’t remember it. How do you unlock your phone when you can’t remember your password or PIN? There are options you could consider when such a case arises. If you have the manufacturers number, you could call them out and seek for assistance.

Also, you could address your phone lock problem depending on the type of phone model you have. If for instance, you own a Nokia, you can provide your IMEI number to their website if you don’t have your IMEI, dial *#60# on your phone. This service provides you with a master security code that can help you in resetting your password.

All said, unlocking your assurance wireless phone comes down to what phone model you have the procedures put in place in unlocking the phone.

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Is Assurance Wireless Really Free?

Laggards or skeptics also may cast aspersions on free government cell phones. You need not to. The truth of the matter is Assurance Wireless is totally free as long as you are eligible for their program. The assurance wireless replacement phone is out to cater for the welfare of low-income earners by offering them free phone services at a low cost.

As part of the government’s free cell phone Program, Lifeline has been providing free cell phone services to low-income subscribers since 1985. Back then, the Lifeline government programme catered for the less fortunate in the rural areas. However, this program has grown over time to cater to the needs of a wide range of consumers including those living in urban areas. Telecommunication services are becoming cheaper by the day making their services even more affordable.

The Top 10 Best Assurance Wireless Replacement Phone

Now that you have an idea of what Assurance Wireless is, you could be asking yourself what type of phones could this telecommunication service be using. Put in mind that these phones have to be compatible with assurance wireless. We shall be breaking down the list for you so that you get firsthand knowledge of Assurance Wireless Compatible Phones. This list will also prove handy to you if looking to buy a phone that could be usable with Assurance Wireless replacement phone.

1. LG Aspire T40C White Virgin Mobile

 LG Aspire T40C

Without a doubt, LG Aspire is compatible with the Assurance Wireless Programme. Additionally, it supports great features that include ringer ID, Bluetooth, and picture ID.

Also, the phone gives you the privilege of sharing your photos and videos via Bluetooth. The phone comes with a ROM of 256 MB. It also has a RAM of 512 MBs giving you more than enough storage for your phone.

Other features you will find on this phone include a 32 GB card slot, GPS enabled, can connect to a Wi-Fi, comes with a 2-megapixel resolution and a 3.2-inch large screen.


  1. A screen dial pad
  2. GPS enabled
  3. A 3.2-inch large screen
  4. Large storage featuring 512 MB of RAM
  5. Wi-Fi enabled allowing you to surf the internet easily


  • Comes with no qwerty keyboard

2. Kyocera DuraForce Virgin Mobile

Kyocera DuraFORCE E6810

It works well as an Assurance wireless replacement phone by the sheer fact that it can perform the basic functions of a phone such as calling and texting. It has a classy build that comes with a qwerty keyboard making your user experience enjoyable.

This phone is lightweight weighing only 2.5 ounces. Besides, the phone’s dimensions are also user-friendly and include 4.29 inches by 1.73 inches by 0.55 inches. The screen resolution is (128 x 160) pixels.

With the Kyocera JAX, you need not worry about connecting to the internet as it is 3G enabled and connect wireless. You also got a Lithium-Ion battery worth 700 mAh.


  1. The speakerphone has great and quality sound
  2. Nice buttons with a user-friendly screen size
  3. It’s 3G enabled. Thus it can connect wireless
  4. It provides you with 200 minutes of talk time
  5. The phone is GPS enabled and also comes with a camera


  1. It turns out to be a little too small for the aged because of eyesight problems
  2. Erasing texts is cumbersome as it’s done one by one

3. LG Optimus F3 (Virgin Mobile)

 LG Optimus F3

It fits well as an Assurance Wireless replacement phone. The phone is 3G enabled allowing you to browse your internet easily and also have access to your social media profiles.

With it, you also got phone dimensions that are easy for your use at (124 x 63.8 x 12.65) millimeters. The phone weighs 4.5 ounces. Also, this phone is Wi-Fi enabled, supports Bluetooth and comes loaded with an internal memory of 4GB.

The front camera is decent allowing you to spare a moment for selfies. The back end camera is 2 Megapixels and supports that allow you to take quality pictures. This phone’s battery is Lithium-Ion in nature and comes with a capacity of 1650 mAh


  1. 4GB internal memory providing enough storage capacity
  2. A durable battery life with a capacity of 1650 mAh
  3. A voice-operated camera
  4. Wi-Fi enabled and also supported Bluetooth
  5. 3G enabled giving you speedy internet access


  1. Does not support storage of apps on the memory card
  2. The alarm has no sound

4. Kyocera DuraForce E6560 (Virgin Mobile)

Kyocera DuraForce E6560

The Kyocera Contact is a Samsung phone model that works best for Samsung lovers. The phone not only gives you a taste of brand but comes with a range of basic features that will make your user-experience memorable.

With this phone, you got the advantage of a qwerty keyboard making it handy for use. Space shouldn’t be an issue for you as it can store up to 40 MB of data. One other advantage of this phone is that it supports both 2G and 3G networks.

This phone has a CDMA technology on its 2 megapixels’ camera allowing you to take great photos. The battery life does not also disappoint. It has got a capacity of 1000 mAh with a 2.4-inch large screen.


  1. Qwerty slider handset that makes texting easy
  2. Stores up to 40 MB of data
  3. Supports both 2G and 3G networks
  4. Long battery life that comes with a capacity of 1000 mAh


  1. Photos taken cannot be expanded or enlarged
  2. Keeps on dialing random numbers

5. Alcatel OneTouch Retro


Like any typical phone, the Alcatel phone has got almost everything you need in a basic phone. Some of its unique features include a speakerphone, a call timer, and a vibrating alert. Interestingly, you will have to bear with the weight of the phone that stands at a surprising 1.473 kilograms.

This phone gives you the benefit of a Lithium-Ion battery with a standby 210 hours and 240 minutes talk time. It has an internal memory size of 256 MB and comes with but allows an additional 32 GB via a memory card.

It’s 2 megapixels’ camera takes decent quality photos. Alcatel OneTouch Retro is one of the best Assurance Wireless Replacement phones you could find in the market.


  1. 2.4-inch display
  2. Big buttons with a large font
  3. A simple interface
  4. The sound quality is good
  5. Comes with a call timer


  1. Slow texting
  2. Small memory size

6. Samsung Entro Mobile Phone

Samsung Entro Black

The Samsung Entro Mobile phone is Assurance Wireless compatible. Though small sized (3.6” x 1.6” x 0.6”) this phone gives you the advantage of enjoying hand-free driving thanks to its compatibility with eared and microphones. The phone weighs 3 ounces.

If you intend to purchase one, be sure to benefit from its noise reduction ability and good call reception. Also, you stand to benefit from its large keys. These keys are backlit and well-spaced making them conducive for texting.

It has 18 MB of internal space that can support your phone’s contacts and text messages. What’s more, you got an internet browser that allows you to browse the internet with ease.


  1. A basic phone conducive for calls and emergencies
  2. Bright and clear screen
  3. Good battery life
  4. Extremely loud speakerphone
  5. Large key buttons


  1. Comes with no camera
  2. Beeps often when called draining the battery

7. Kyocera DuraForce Pro E6833

Kyocera DuraFORCE E6810

Kyocera 2300 is a Smartphone that runs on Android. It’s not just your average phone but goes beyond the basic functions of a phone.  To narrow down, it comes with a touch screen that gives you advanced user experience.

With this phone, you stand to enjoy the benefits that come with a Bluetooth feature. For instance, you can share photos and videos. This phone also uses a Quad processor that is pretty fast giving it an edge over other Assurance Wireless Replacement phone.

Some other important features include 1 GB RAM and a 4-inch large display.


  1. Gives you up to 4 hrs of talk time
  2. Comes with a QWERTY keyboard for ease of texting
  3. Lightweight and nice size
  4. Good call quality with nice speakerphones


  1. Buttons can be stiff

8. Jitterbug Smart2 No-Contract

Jitterbug Smart2

The Jitterbug Smart2 cell phone also fits as Assurance Wireless replacement phone. It comes with a range of features that will suit what you are looking for.

Part of the features you will find in this phone include a speakerphone, Bluetooth and a VGA camera. The advantage of having a Bluetooth phone is that you can share videos and pictures with friends and family.

With this phone, you also enjoy a voice dialing capability. Other voices calling features that come with this phone include ringer ID, automatic voice dialing and a picture ID. Even more appealing is that you can customize graphics and ringtones to suit your style and preferences.


  1. Supports email, MMS and IM
  2. A keyboard that provides you with a text board
  3. Comes with a VGA camera
  4. Bluetooth enabled
  5. Voice dialing capability


  1. Has no transfer cable

9. Kyocera DuraFORCE

Kyocera DuraFORCE E6810

The Kyocera Hydro reach is assurance wireless compatible Smartphone. You will love it, especially with its internal memory capacity that contains a 1 GB RAM and an 8 GB internal storage capacity. You are also provided with an external 8 GB slot that can be expanded up to 64 GB.

The other amazing features of this phone include a 5-megapixel rear camera that gives you the privilege of taking good photos while outdoors.

Not forgetting its screen size, Kyocera Hydro has a 5-inch touchscreen and operates with an 1100 MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.


  1. 8 GB internal memory and also supports 64GB external memory
  2. 2 MP front camera with a 5 MP rear camera
  3. Operates on Android 5.1 Lollipop
  4. Dustproof and waterproof


  1. Shuts off without notice

10. Kyocera Dura XV+

Kyocera DuraXV

If looking for an ordinary and basic phone that can perform the basic functions of a cell phone, then this is a perfect fit. It comes with incredible features that enhance its performance which makes it a reliable option.

It has a 920 mAh battery that supports 300hrs standby time and 4.2 Hrs. of talk time. It also comes with a rear camera of 0.3 MP. The camera is VGA in nature, comes with Bluetooth connectivity and also supports USB charging.

Some other features of this phone include its ability to support CDMA networks of 800 MHz and 1900 MHz Kyocera also supports a speakerphone.


  1. Waterproof and can survive other extremes such as high temperature and dust
  2. Bluetooth connectivity
  3. Long-lasting battery
  4. Conducive for traveling. You can use it in more than 200 countries
  5. Large and tactile keyboard that can be pressed even when wearing buttons


  1. Software glitches


If you are looking forward to getting the best Assurance Wireless replacement phone, then you will find this guide quite handy. It provides you with everything you need to know about Assurance Wireless and some of the best phones currently available on the market.

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