The Verizon Samsung Galaxy S10 Reviews

Currently in the technology world especially phone accessories, the Samsung Company is one of the most entrusted and selling companies in the whole world because of its legit phone products, which in return has a very high demand. The Verizon Samsung galaxy s10 is a highly rated Samsung brand that has vast latest features that everybody would concur with comfortably.

The Verizon Samsung galaxy s10 is a 2020 brand officially released on Friday, 8th March. This brand comes along with insane peculiar perks that will be discussed in the article. The phone is well compatible with several US networks. This in turn makes it easy and affordable for all citizens in the state. All Samsung phone users can approve the fact that the company’s products are quite reliable in most fields for example; they’ve got good cameras, ample storage space, usually fast in terms of their processors and also got strong body make.

It has also been featured in the Verizon phone deals for existing customers. The Samsung galaxy s10 is also very affordable especially when you relate it with its manufactured specifications in this article, I will personally take you through the devices specifications and learn more as to why the product is highly ranked worldwide. So be keen on all aspects below.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specifications


The Verizon Samsung galaxy s10 has got a wide range of specs that is unmatchable to the Verizon free government phone. Upon Unboxing it, on you will be easily attracted to the wide 6.1 inches, 149.9X70.4X7.8 mm dimensions and its screen having a high power resolution of 1440X3040 pixels. Its screen is well shielded with Gorilla Glass 6 and the back glass is a Gorilla Glass 5 and has a general bodied aluminum frame.

This device has a powerful processor using octa-core (2X2.73 GHz). Its OS is android 9.0 is expandable to 10.0. Having an 8 GB RAM and 128GB or 512 GB internal storage, no SD card is necessary.

Device has got triple main back cameras. The first is 12 megapixels and is 26mm wide. The middle 12 megapixels 52mm wide, having a 2 strong optical zoom. The lower one is the most powerful of all with 32 megapixels, 12mm wide having a super fast steady video resolution. Its selfie camera is 10 megapixels, 26mm wide. The device has a 3400mAh fast charging battery.

  • Ample internal storage
  • Louder speaker output
  • 2-sim enabled
  • High resolution autofocus
  • Fast processors
  • Low battery capacity

Which is the best service provider to use on Samsung galaxy S10?

In the US, there are various service providers according to the difference in locations and internet speed. The service providers include, HughesNet, Viasat Internet, and Verizon Network etcetera.

For the Samsung galaxy s10, I recommend the Verizon Network. This company serves approximately 305million citizens of the US population with services like Verizon home internet plans and many more. Offering a wide range of networks like wireless and cable networks, Verizon has been ranked one of the best providers.

The company has 3G, 4G and 5G networks, thus giving our Samsung galaxy s10 a wider choice as it is both 3G and 4G enabled.  The Verizon Network service providers have a specific service called the Data Service which includes Data Only Plans mainly for smartphones thus using the Samsung galaxy s10 under such accommodative conditions could be quite comfortable.

The Verizon servers also have the LTE wide band network which is mainly to facilitate the wireless network speed according to the prices offered. The Verizon network servers are also quite cheap since just a little band width can cover a huge number of people.

Can you get the Samsung galaxy s10 as a free government phone?

If you may not be able to afford a smartphone like the 10, Verizon got you covered with their free Government phone services. If you are eligible, they will give you a free phone and plan or you may get a discount off your monthly plans.

However, when it comes to getting an S10 as a free phone in Verizon that may not be possible at the moment. The S10 is a flagship device and in most cases, the free government phones offered are mid-range smartphones.

However, if you have an S10 lying at home because you can’t afford a plan, you can easily bring it to Verizon’s network and get a lifeline plan to enable you to access the talk, text and data units.

The lifeline discount plan starts at only $100 and you get a good amount of domestic talk and text units. If you think you qualify for the free phone at Verizon, there are other phone which they may give you and some of them include;

With time, the value of S10 may depreciate and hence the device will be accessible as a free government phone. Remember, before you bring your device; make sure it is unlocked and compatible with its network. You can learn more about the free government phone services by visiting Verizon wireless.

Bottom line

The galaxy s10 phone is among the best Verizon unlocked compatible phones you can ever get. This is due to its peculiar features as I have portrayed above and also due to its trusted manufacturers, Samsung. Feedback from the first time users also shows that the device is satisfying since in most shops it has a 4.3 star rating, hence it is hardly disappointing.

The Samsung galaxy s10’s price would not be that big of a deal especially when you research or hear about the challenges other people are having with the other different types of phones. Also because the device can be used by any age group due to its internet accessibility that allows research, video calls and even conference calls.

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