How To Get a Free Laptop From Amazon

In recent times, working from home and studying online is the new normal that facilitates more students and employees to achieve their goals more conveniently. However, you can receive free laptops in various ways, but this article will explore more on how to get a free laptop from amazon. Many nonprofit organizations, manufacturers, and retail stores recognize that offering technology for free or at a low cost to individuals is crucial to further education and job opportunities.

On the other hand, there are accessible computers, free computers for low-income families,  free laptops from the government, and Free Laptops For College Students from the government, which help many people navigate various sources. Fortunately, if you cannot purchase a laptop and want to get a free laptop, this platform is for you. For instance, if you’re going to get a free laptop for a low-income family, you have to fill the application form for a free laptop by government online.

The Federal government, together with other nonprofit stakeholders, makes it easy to get a free laptop. On the contrary, finding the right place from where you can get this offer is challenging. Hence, you require accurate information. It is also vital for you to meet the eligibility criteria. If you qualify, you can get your PC within a few days without much effort, have your free laptop, and even enjoy free internet access.

Eligibility Requirements For Free Laptops By Government For Low-Income Families.

how to get a free laptop from amazon

First of all, government free grants do not apply to everyone. The government has set aside some essential criteria and eligibility sections that the applicant needs to fulfill. If you are one of the low-income households and need to get a free laptop or a free computer from the government, you must check these eligibility criteria as follows below.

How To Look For The Best Free Laptops From Amazon?

To land on the best laptops, especially for students searching for the best free government internet and laptop, you’ll have to look at the features that are right for you and your educational setup or personal needs. These gadgets come with different price points, but there are relatively inexpensive laptops with light and compact form factors and other features such as great stereo speakers for interacting with streaming content to suit budget-minded students.

Additionally, also ensure to consider the specs, such as powerful processors, typically manufactured by Intel or AMD, and plenty of RAM for multitasking. A powerful laptop will comfortably handle advanced games and software applications. When buying a computer, especially for students, always go for a powerful processor, a gorgeous display with high resolutions of at least Full HD, and a light and slim form factor for portability.

Finally, laptops that combine modern Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards are worth considering plus, those that feature plenty of connectivity options and ports and a long-lasting battery that lasts all day under a single charge. Remember to also choose laptops with ample storage space, typically in the form of a solid-state drive to handle the soft mass documents and multimedia contents.

How Do You Avoid Free Laptop Scams?

  • Ensure you read reviews, confirm with websites such as Trust Pilot and the Better Business Bureau before you apply with a company not mentioned in this article.
  • Never share out your social security number.
  • Don’t give your date of birth unless you are sure it’s a legit website.
  • Don’t share your passwords.
  • Understand the terms and conditions before you begin to apply.

Which organizations offer the best free laptops?

Many places offer free laptops, and most of these places require applicants to be living on a low income. However, each has its own eligibility requirements, and you should check in advance to see if you meet the criteria.

 1) Computers 4 R Kids

Computers 4 R Kids is a nonprofit organization that offers free laptops to kids from Southern California. Besides, the donation for the computers comes from businesses or individuals, refurbished, and get delivered to underprivileged children.

Additionally, these organization also avails low-cost computers to schools and other nonprofit organizations. They aim to help construct computer labs to deliver research and education easier for children.

2) Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes offers donated refurbished computers at no cost to people with financial need, students, and returning military veterans in all the 50 states in the u.s.

They also provide computers to foster homes and educational programs. However, to get a free laptop, you will have to fill out an application and state your need.

Moreover, according to information on their website, getting a free laptop from the organization may impact any government benefits you get. Thus, you may have to check with your benefits department before applying for a free computer.

3) Attend an Online College

This place is a suitable option for those aspiring to study in an online university. Various online colleges offer away free laptops to new students. Below  are a few of such colleges:

4) Attend an Online Public School

Some public school districts have online classes for students who opt to attend public school from home. Besides, these Online public schools sometimes give free laptops to students who select their school. Notably, in some circumstances, online public schools and online colleges require you to return the computer when done with your schooling.

5) Your Local Library

You can access a free computer in your local library, although you can’t receive a free laptop to keep at your home. Most local libraries pack several free computers for users to utilize and have free Internet access as well.

However, you need to obtain a membership at most local libraries before they grant you Internet access. This membership is crucial for security reasons, so they check who is visiting which websites using the library computers.

6) Through Amazon

Amazon is an ideal place to receive a laptop at a low price. You can get a lot of used laptops at low prices. Refurbished computers are generally disposed-off at a fraction of what a new laptop would cost you. Interestingly, you need not meet any low-income criteria or other requirements to purchase one either.

Additionally, you can use the Amazon trade-in program to clear items in your home that occupy up space, such as books that are no more read or old DVDs replaced with new technologies like Netflix, plus other things for an gift card. Afterward, you can utilize this gift card to redeem money off of a laptop on the Amazon website, and if you use your gift card to purchase a refurbished laptop, you’ll even save more.

7) PCs for People

PCs for People avail computers and low-cost internet to eligible members. This forum is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher; thus, its laptops and computers feature licensed copies of Windows 10. however, you’ll have to be below the 200% poverty level or currently enrolled in an income-based government assistance program for laptop eligibility.

8) Dell Refurbished

If you’re planning to save money on a Dell laptop, you should consider buying one from This company offers refurbished Dell laptops at a much lower price. You can get a quality laptop from a big brand at a much lower cost. Most importantly, anyone can purchase these computers, so if you want a cheap computer and are not on a low income, this is also an excellent place to shop.

9) Notebooks for Students

you can check out To get a free laptop for school. Nevertheless, it doesn’t provide free laptops, but you can find them at heavily discounted prices. This site is an excellent place to look for new and refurbished laptops. Besides, the program applies to students who are attending Primary, High School, or College. Also, you can receive a computer if you’re home-schooled.

10) Everyone On

EveryoneOn is a nonprofit organization whose mandate is to help everyone access affordable computers and Internet service. As of 2012, this organization has helped more than 600 million users stay connected to the internet at a minimal fee.

Everyone On trust that what they do will improve the livelihood of the people they impact. Their website states that people with a home Internet connection get employed 25 percent faster than those who don’t. Thus, the unemployed can get considered sooner with the right tools, including Internet connection, and that’s why Everyone On steps in this gap.

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What Are The 6 Best Laptops From Amazon?

1) Dell K75NJ Latitude 7490 Notebook

The Dell K75NJ Latitude is the ideal laptop for college students and the best laptop for middle school students. This machine has a robust feature set comprising a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of dedicated DDR4 RAM for multitasking, and 256GB of speedy solid-state storage. Also, the relatively light form factor, at three pounds, provides for easier portability.

Besides, it has an integrated lithium battery that can last for around eight hours under a single charge if you are browsing or writing a paper. However, this time frame decreases significantly immediately you start gaming or using intensive software. Additionally, the gorgeous Full HD 14.1-inch display delivers a beautiful viewing experience.

2) Dell G5 15 5590 Gaming Laptop

The Dell G5 15 5590 laptop is an excellent laptop for students who like to game on the side, thanks to a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card. The other specs are also incredible, with a powerful Intel Core i7 CPU for speedy performance, 16 GB of dedicated RAM for multitasking. The advanced features are the reason for the high price attached to this machine.

However, there is a large and efficient 512GB solid-state storage drive for keeping important files and documents. The 15.6-inch Full HD display, which boasts a solid 144Hz refresh rate, gives you a wide field of view. This laptop weighs around six pounds on the downside, which affects portability as you move from one classroom to another.

3) Acer Swift 3, 14″ Full HD IPS

The Acer Swift 3 is a suitable choice for students, as it is built with portability and ease-of-transport, just weighing 2.5 pounds and with a thickness of just 0.6-inches. Besides, the features are incredible, with a powerful AMD Ryzen 4700U octa-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and a speedy 512GB solid-state storage drive. Interestingly, the fingerprint reader provides for security and secure log-in.

However, the built-in Amazon Alexa integration allows for easy control, while the 14-inch display is Full HD and gorgeous, although not equipped with touch functionality. Additionally, the integrated stereo speakers provide a better audio experience. Still, if you want immersive and rich audio, you need to hook this laptop up to an external audio source.

4) Google Pixelbook Go – Touch Screen Chromebook – Just Black

Thanks to the high-grade touch display, the Google Pixelbook Go model allows for both traditional computing and a tablet-like experience. The specs are advanced, with a powerful 8th Gen Intel Core Processor and a battery that can go up to 12 hours each charge, a longer battery life than most models. This battery is also equipped with quick-charge technology to achieve a partial charge in just 20 minutes.

You can get fantastic pictures and rich sound thanks to the brilliant HD touchscreen display, plus the dual stereo speakers, so you can watch movies, edit photos, or video chat with the 1080p webcam. The Lightweight Chromebook laptop weighs barely 2 pounds and 13 millimeter thin with a comfy grip design, making it easier to carry.

5) HP Pavilion 14″ Laptop

The HP Pavilion is an excellent laptop for those who need to store plenty of movies, applications, and personal documents. This laptop features a massive 1TB SATA drive and an SD card reader to add even more storage. However, the specs are decent, thanks to an eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processor and 8 GB of dedicated DDR4 RAM.

Moreover, the relatively light form factor allows for portability, as this laptop weighs around 3.5 pounds. Although the internal components are sound, this laptop comes with a plastic external casing, which is not the most durable on the market. Additionally, the integrated stereo speakers are not audible; hence this laptop needs a hook up to an external audio source.

6) Acer Chromebook 315

The Acer Chromebook 315 features the best budget laptops for college students under $500. however, the specs are decent, thanks to a powerful Intel Celeron N4000 processor that delivers lag-free performance. The lithium-ion battery allows this laptop to run for up to ten hours before demanding a recharge. Additionally, the large and gorgeous 15.6-inch display offers a full-sized movie-watching experience.

Though the processor is up to snuff, this budget laptop ships with just 4 GB of RAM, plus 32 GB of flash storage, both metrics on the lower end. Also, this laptop runs exclusively using Google’s Chrome operating system, which may not be for everyone.

Bottom line

The cost of a laptop is relatively expensive for some students and low-income families in the US. Fortunately, government-sponsored initiatives and private agencies support individuals who can’t afford such an asset at no charge.

You can get amazing deals and offers on Amazon, the United States’ leading online retail store. If you qualify for a free laptop, either from the Government or any other Nonprofit organization, you can find high-quality laptops from this retailer.

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