The 5 Best Cheapest Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything

In the modern world, even a kid at 4 years old may have a smartphone or a phone in general. Phones have become a vital key not just for communication but rather for entertainment, educational, and research purposes. However, these phones require a carrier who will service your phone with talk, text, and data units. Over the years, many carriers have developed in the US, and the difference between each of them is the amount of money you are likely to pay.

This article aims to give you an in-depth view on the cheapest phone plans with Unlimited everything as of 2021. These carriers provide you unlimited talk, text, and data every month at quite affordable rates. They also offer free government phones if you qualify for the lifeline assistance program.  Some firms even insure your phone at a very low cost and an example of that is virgin mobile.

These firms also offer the best-prepaid cell phone plans limited like Samsung, Motorola, among others. Due to this, many people love to use their services widely, these carriers have also received awards. Below is a brief description of what it entails on having the cheapest providers with Unlimited everything. The carriers mentioned are the best in the market and you will not be disappointed when you join them.  The carriers are also very strict when it comes to free cellphones service for life unlimited everything. They require proper documentation for the federal poverty level and participation in the life line assistance programs.

How to Choose The Cheapest Phone Plans?

Cheapest Phone Plans With Unlimited Everything

1) No contract option

Phones with contract limit you to very few options. This is with regards to switching to a carrier of your choice since you will get a locked phone. However, the cost of getting out of a contract can be costly, mostly ranging between $100 and $200. So it is best to use a device without an agreement so that you can enjoy the benefits of switching to another carrier.

2) Network coverage

The network coverage is essential to a user. Many websites for service providers have a prompt where you insert your zip code, and they will tell you if their services are available in your area. However, it is recommended that you consult people who live within the area to know if their connectivity is very reliable. Currently, most service providers have reliable connectivity across the US, and it will not be a pain in the neck.

3) Hidden fees

At the end of the month, if you use the AutoPay services, you may be frustrated by seeing money fleeing from your account without your prior knowledge. You should inquire from the carrier on the amount you are likely to pay as the full payment.

4) Customer care services

Customer care services are a vital key to a company. If the company has lousy customer care reviews, many people will not purchase their plans. This may lead to a considerable loss which many carriers are trying to avoid. So the best option is to choose a carrier that has an excellent rating when it comes to customer care services.

5) Are cheap plans really cheap?

Unless you are getting a free government phone, the plans are supposed to be realistic. A carrier cannot give you a $10 plan, and you get Unlimited everything. So the best option is to do a background check on whether the plans are real and also read some reviews on what you are expected to get.

The 5 Best Cheapest Phone Plans

1) Metro PCS

Metro PCS offers 4G connectivity and unlimited talk and text every month. For one Sim card, you will be paying $40 per month, and if you get four lines, you will only pay $100 per month. The good part is that there are no contracts, and it has a 24/7 customer care support.

As for the add-ons, the user gets an extra 1GB of data for only $10. The Metro PCS offers also affordable rates when you purchase your plans online versus getting it from a store. Are you looking for Metro PCS Phone and plans for low income families

2) Verizon wireless

Verizon is ranked among the five best service providers in the US. The monthly plans range between $35 to $65 per month,  and they all depend on the plan you choose. Basically, every user gets unlimited talk and text while the data to be allocated varies.

The good part is that you also get Apple Music, where you have access to 500 million songs for free. The good benefit is that you can also earn gift cards to concerts when you join the Verizon  Wireless reward program. Generally, the Customer care and reviews from customers are positive. ()

3) Cricket wireless

Cricket is ranked the best when it comes to customer care services. Also, the Cricket wireless plans are quite cheap with only at $25 you get unlimited talk and text plus 2 gigs of data. Also, they have the $100 plan for 4 lines, and it comes with video streaming. The only part you have to be keen is when it comes to the add-ons, but you can evade it by not enrolling for them.

4) Boost mobile

At only $50 per month, you get unlimited talk, text, and data. So far this is the best plan to go for. Also, you do not get any hidden cost at the end of your billing period. There is also the streaming option where at a small extra amount you can get a minimum of 8 GB hotspot and also 480p resolution for watching videos. Hear is the Boost mobile hotspot plans.

5) AT&T

This is a carrier that has one of the most users across the US. The plans are not that cheap compared to the likes of Metro PCS and others. However, they are divided into the AT&T unlimited and the AT&T premium. The packages come with a whole month of watching 30 TV channels for free. The cost for one line is $70 per month, while four lines cost $160 per month.


From the five cheap carriers mentioned above, you can evaluate and choose the best one. Also, remember to do a background check on the carrier you have chosen before diving fully into their plans. Once that is established, you will enjoy the best cheapest plans.

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