The 7 Best Surround System Under $300

If you are looking into maximum satisfaction with your home entertainment, you require a decent sound system. The most popular sound system in the modern world is the surround systems. Sound surround is a phrase used to describe a type of audio output whereby the sound surrounds the listener by 360 degrees. The sound surround is what is commonly referred to as a home theatre. Speaking generally, a home theatre is a combination of electronic components designed to give you the experience you get when watching a movie in the theatre at the comfort of your home. You can now get the best surround system under $300.

Sound Surround System was a technology made for movie theatres initially. Filmmakers were able to create an immersive and lively sound that is not necessarily loud but with high fidelity using sound surround technology. The 5.1-channel surround audio system has been in use for the past two decades now. It has, therefore, become the absolute standard for home theatres. There is, however, a 7.1 surround system that delivers a cinematic experience through seven speakers and a subwoofer. The kupsch 7.1 RP-250 tops the list as one of the best 7.1 one theatre system.

A typical home theatre system includes a receiver (the source of the home theatre power) and speakers. Added to the system is a centre speaker, right and left front speakers, a left rear speaker as well as one on the right; a subwoofer or two and special effect speakers also called heigh speakers for Dolby Atmos.

How Surround System Speakers Work

To build a perfect home theatre, you will need to recreate these elements. A large screen television(one that is at least 27 inches across) with very clear pictures, at least four speakers, something that plays movies in surround sound with clear images, equipment for splitting up the sound-surround signal as lastly, you will need enough room where you can arrange all your stuff properly.

The most vital component of a sound surround system is the audio/video (a/v) receiver and amplifier. It does the same job as the receiver and speaker in any stereo system. Its function is to receive signals from various input devices like a DVD player or VCR. After receiving the signal, it interprets and amplifies those signals and then sends them to the audio outputs such as the television and the sound system.

For a proper sound surround system, you require two/three speakers in front of you and the other two or three to your sides or behind you. The audio signal splits into multiple channels so that different sound information comes out of the various speakers. The most projecting sound comes from the front speakers.

The speaker on the left records sounds from the left side of the screen while that on the right transmits sound coming from the right side of the screen. The third speaker sits in the center and is very important because it anchors the sound coming from the left and right speakers.

The speakers at the back or behind you fill you with various types of background noise in the movie, such as rushing water or screeching tires. They work with the speakers in front as well to ensure you get a sensation of the movement.

Factors to consider when choosing a sound system for your home

i) Amplifier capabilities

The amplifier that is also called the A/v receiver is the heart of the sound system. It accepts the audio from DVD players, DVRs, VRCs, Blu-ray players and other devices. You’ll want an amplifier with a few HDMI inputs for devices you’ll want to hook up to it.

ii) Wattage and speakers

The wattage is dependent on the size of the room. A large room will require large watts. Audio outputs range from 50 watts, ideal for smaller rooms up to 150 watts for the large rooms.

iii) The Type of System

You may want to choose between the 5.1 configuration or 7.1 configuration. The 5.1 system has three different speakers and a subwoofer. The 7.1 has two additional speakers other than the three sets. The 7.1 systems are recommended for larger rooms due to the extra sound speakers.

The 7 Best Surround Systems under $300

1) Logitech Z906

 Logitech Z906

The 5.1 digital surround sound systems ensure you hear every digital in your Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks as the studio intended. The subwoofer has 165 watts, which means it’s good enough for a large room. The compact control console and wireless remote will allow you to personalize your home theatre experience instantly. It has a flexible set up will enable you to connect up to six devices.


  • It has a powerful 1000 watts peak
  • THX-certified theatre- quality audio
  • Dolby digital sound


  • The product is not returnable

2) JBL Bar 2.1 – Deep Bass Soundbar

 JBL Bar 2.1

JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass Soundbar System a premium sound surround that is cinema-like to your home theatre. It is complete and easy to customize your 2.1 system to meet your space needs. Included is the 6.5-inch bass reflex 60 watts subwoofer and Total Power 300w. It also has five identical voice matching satellites and a center speaker to enhance your movie experience as it allows for clarity and flawless voice reproduction.


  • Easy to install
  • Voice-matched 2-way satellite speakers
  • Included brackets for wall mounting
  • Easy to use remote center


  • The sound quality is not crispy

3) LG Electronics SH7B 4.1 Channel 360W Sound Bar

 LG Electronics SH7B 4.1 Channel

Access restricted content from online services like Netflix, Amazon instant video, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify and YouTube with the simple to use interface that comes with a 3D-compatible television; this device lets you enjoy Hollywood blockbusters on Blu-ray 3D Disc in stunning quality. With 360 watts of room-filling sound, BH5140S provides spectacular viewing experience with a 4.1 sound system.


  • Has a 360 watts subwoofer
  • It has a private sound mode
  • 3D playback capabilities
  • Stream music from your smartphone


  • Randomly refuses to play auto

4) Denon DHT-S316 Home Theater Soundbar System

Denon DHT-S316 Home

Denon DHT-S316 System allows you to connect the sound bar to the surrounding in seconds wirelessly once the speakers are positioned in your preferred location. It is exclusively designed to complement the MagniFi Max by added the pair of Denon S316 wireless surroundings to your 2.1 system to give you an immersive multi-dimensional 5.1 surround sound experience.

The built-in keyhole slots and threaded inserts allow you to place them on a tabletop or wall-mount them. Enjoy the best technology wireless sound speakers for TV.


  • Has an easy plug-in setup
  • It is compatible with Dobly atoms and DTS
  • Has multiple placement options
  • Enjoy better movies, sports, music and night modes


  • The wireless speakers produce a chirping sound

5) PYLE 5.1 Channel speakers

PYLE 5.1 Channel speakers

This entertainment system provides full-range audio reproduction with its 5.1 channel system. It has one base receiver with a built-In subwoofer, one central center speaker and four satellite speakers. It also has a built-in LCD panel that displays all the functions and input used.

It is equipped with Bluetooth music streaming and works today’s latest devices, including iPhone, androids, tablets, smartphones and computers with a hassle-free receiver pairing.


  • t has five inputs
  • It allows Bluetooth connectivity
  • Has a 300 Watts power peak
  • Has a power cable and remote control


  • The speaker wire is not strong enough

6) Vizio SB36512- F6B

Vizio SB36512- F6B

Enjoy a premium cinema experience at the comfort of your home with this 5.1 system. This surround system has two speakers with Dolby Atmos technology hence delivering an extra-ordinary immersive audio experience. With Chromecast built into each home theatre.

It allows you to easily stream songs from Spotify, Heart Radio, Pandora and other Chromecast-enabled apps. The systems subwoofers have amazing performance giving you value for your money.


  • Allows multi-room streaming
  • Experience cinematic sound surround
  • Chromecast-enabled
  • The soundbar cuts off randomly


  • The soundbar cuts off randomly

7) Polk Audio Blackstone

 Polk Audio Blackstone

Polk Audio is an economical six piece compact surround sound system. It includes 1TL1 center speaker, 1 TL1600 powered subwoofer and 4 TL 1 satellite speakers. It is ideal for small-to-medium-sized rooms and includes detachable grilles.

The explosive 80 inches 50 watt subwoofer in the satin, black finish gives a deep rumbling bass. The apederioc-turned rear-firing bass port boosts the audio and delivers a bass extension. Polk audio creates a soundstage comparable to any extensive system.


  • Easy to connect and operate
  • It has a unique curved shape
  • An explosive 50 –watt subwoofer
  • Very economical
  • The sound produced is inferior


  • The sound produced is inferior

Bottom Line

Home theatres come in many variations, and getting the right one to suit your home sound system, as well as your budget, can be an intimidating task. It is advisable for you to purchase your new home theatre from an authorized trusted sound systems dealer.

The longer the track record and the more the experience the dealer have the better. Enjoy the best soundbar technology for as low as $100. Amazon offers some of the best sound bars under $100.

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