The Basic Comparison Between Arlo Pro 2 vs Arlo Pro 3

Nowadays, in the whole earth, examining criminal activities is progressing each day. For that argument, the modern technology has invented various protective way which keeps secured your primes or property. The security camera is one of them, and its come out with incredible features and supportive furthermore would be used for indoor or outdoor environment. Whatever Wi-Fi security camera lets you observe your house, office, and another area, that you are occupied in, even in your nonappearance, if the security camera apprehends any videos.

While you are not present, an alert text would be sent via a mail-in your smartphone and save all video footage that you will be a concern later. The security camera appears with an infrared night vision features that helps to capture photos in the most overcast environment. The rechargeable batteries are either AC power or solar power adapters that fit long-time working availability under a single charge. The battery-powered battery offers flexible placement options without any hassles of dealing with wires. In the outdoor security camera, it typically has a weather-resistant shelter that helps them withstand harsh environments, as well as functionality, keep smooth in the farthest temperature, rainfall, frost.

You would observe all the corners of your home or help you glance at your intruders anytime or anywhere. Moreover, the said camera in this article gives you not only send alerts but also track all the record of the event that happens indoors or outdoors. For the ceaseless functionality, you need a stable Wi-Fi connection and a good performance battery power supply. However, the following article will provide you with the best guidance to acquire the best digital camera you are seeking for.

Distinguish between the features of Arlo Pro 2 vs. Pro 3?

Answer: There are various distinctions between the features Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Pro 3. Now let us discuss those who have some similarities and differences of them. That is helping you to make better decisions for your home security. And now we would like to specify about feature of them :

Arlo Pro 2
Arlo Pro 3
Title Arlo (VMS4230P) Pro 2 – Wireless Home Security Camera System Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight Camera | 2 Camera Security System
Wireless Access to wireless Access to wireless
Power source Charge is available with cable or a without cable Charge is available with cable or a without cable
Night vision Its available within black and white color It’s available and see video in full color rather than traditional black and white
Resolution High-resolution digital view HDR at 1080p High- resolution digital viewing 2K with HDR at 1440p
Field of view Keep an eye on what matters with a 130° a diagonal field of view Keep an eye on what matters with a 160° a diagonal field of view
Weather Resistance IP65-certified to stand the rain, sun, heat or chill IP65 certified to built to withstand the heat, cold, rain or sun
Local storage Yes available up to 2TB through the hub es available up to 2TB through the hub
Smart assistants Application set up with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Application set up with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Two-way Audio Listen in and out to visitants precisely with superior sound quality Listen in speak and talk back through the camera from your smartphone
Smart security siren 90+ decibel, controlled remotely or triggered by motion or sound Build-in smart siren to set your camera’s sire to trigger remotely or automatically, during events
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Clarify the major differences between Arlo pro 3 versus Arlo pro 2?

Answer: Here, we mention the significant difference between Arlo pro 3 & Arlo Pro 2:

  • Free cloud storage: Pro 3 doesn’t come with a complimentary subscription to the Cloud Storage. Contrariwise the higher resolution of the Arlo 2 does allow for the free storage option with a 7-day rollover.
  • Pro 3 has a High Dynamic Range (HDR). which helps to provide moving images that more clear without any smoky and bleeding colors
  • The Pro 3 are manufacturing with a spotlight above the lens, where the Pro 2 doesn’t have.
  • Specified, the Pro 3 has a higher resolution (2k) at HDR 1440p, where the Pro 2 has 1080p.
  • Both of the models have a smart siren system, but the Pro 3’s siren is in the camera itself. Otherwise, the Pro 2 siren is located in the base hub.

The similarity between Arlo Pro 3 and Arlo Pro 2?

Answer: Here we are discussing the fundamental similarity of the two expensive security camera :

  • Dual-power option: Both of The Pro 3 and Pro 2 can be used wirelessly into rechargeable batteries or bound to a wired connection.
  • 2-Way Communication: A speaker and amplifier are built toward each camera, allotting for 2 way communications.
  • DIY installation: Both forms can be connected, powered, and online in under 20 minutes.
  • Smart home integration. Both device have smart criteria for monitoring so that you may connect either model to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Wink, Z-wave, Zigbee, or other 3rd party integration systems.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Mounting: Each device is weather-resistant and has an operational scale between 14 and 113 degrees (F) for scaling outdoors or indoors.

Comparison between the specification of the Pro 3 and Pro 2?

Answer: In the following, we are mentioning Specification chart of the Pro 3 and Pro 2 where some are similar or different to each other :

Arlo Pro 3
Arlo Pro 2
Title Arlo Pro 3 Wireless Home Security Camera System Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System
Video resolution 2K 1080 Px
Smart home integration
Field of view 160 Degree 130 Degree
Operating Temperature -4 to 113 Degrees F -4 to 113 Degrees F
Battery & Battery life Rechargeable & 6 Months Rechargeable & 6 Months
Power Options Battery, Hardwired Battery, Hardwired
Continuous Recordings Available Available
Outdoor Mounting
3-Second Look Back Good Good
USB backup
Mobile App Available Available
Voice Commands Available Available
Motion and sound Detection
2-Way Communication
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Mention the advantage and disadvantages of Arlo Pro 3?

Answer: In the following, we are talking about the advantage and disadvantage of the Arlo Pro 3 :


  • Colour night vision with integrated spotlight
  • IP65 weather resistance
  • Recording in 2k HDR
  • Can store up to 2TB local storage via a hub
  • 3 months of trial of Arlo smart cloud service
  • Magnetic cable charger
  • Elegant unibody design
  • Built-in smart siren
  • Fast and easy wire-free set up
  • Both indoor or outdoor suitable


  • More expensive over Pro 2
  • No free subscription to the Cloud Storage

Mention the advantages and disadvantages of Arlo Pro 2?

Answer: The advantages and disadvantages of Arlo Pro 2 is being illustrated:


  • Night vision
  • 7days of free cloud storage
  • IP65 weather-resistant
  • Recording in 1080p
  • Datastore up to 2TB generally through hub
  • Easily viewing past recordings
  • 3-second look back
  • Wire-free rechargeable battery
  • Receive instant notification through smartphone
  • Both indoor or outdoor suitable


  • Smaller viewing angle than Pro 3
  • No spotlight above the camera
  • Lower resolution over Pro 3

Bottom Line

The final consideration is that the above article helps you make a solid choice for anyone searching for a top-line security camera system. And also, I think that makes up for the substantial price would be increased in the hardware if the improvement to the camera quality aren’t enough. If you want a quality security camera with local storage that won’t disclose the bank, you can’t reverse with the Arlo Pro 2.

However, if you want to go beyond live cameras or want more extended storage, you’ll have to look for the Arlo subscription plan. If you’re going to store a 4K video from the Arlo Ultra online, you’ll need a separate storage subscription for that camera. I wish you the best of luck.

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