The 7 Best Vlogging Camera Under $200

You can all agree with me that vlogging is taking the world by storm, and there are various vloggers and how slowly becoming successful. Are you planning to start a vlogging channel, but the only thing hindering from starting the channel is a camera? You are wondering how the various vloggers could afford the camera. Worry not as you are in the right place. Although there are multiple models in the market, you can get the best vlogging camera under $200 that works fine and can meet your needs. Stay with as in the article, and I’ll point out the various models that you can get.

Starting the vlogging channel can be intimidating because you need to focus on the quality of the videos and content, but having a bad camera can sometimes shun away viewers. Getting a high-quality camera is very expensive, especially if you go for a 4K camera, and you might end up going broke for the month. You need to check out the vital requirements that you need to check to purchase the camera, and you won’t experience any technicalities in the future. As you go shopping, check out on video cameras with external mic input to be flexible to use a mic.

Before you go shopping, you need to do your extensive research concerning the camera and the various features. With this knowledge, you can quickly get a camera with the exclusive price at an affordable budget. This article will give you many tips that you need to check on before purchasing the camera. Also, I shall review some of the top vlogging cameras under $200, and it might seem insane when I am saying this, but you can get one. Let’s check them out.

Types of vlogging cameras

There are various vlogs, and each covers different topics as some include filming your daily life, adventure in multiple terrains, sports, among others. So as you decide on which camera you are taking, you need to choose one that suits the content that you will vlog. Let’s look at some of the various cameras below.

a) Camcorders

Camcorders were among the first cameras to create vlogs, and back in the days, it was commonly known as video blogging. With the dynamic tech, the camcorders have not had any changes and can be disadvantageous if you need high-quality streaming. Although they are thin in size, they are still bulky, and it cans strenuous carrying it around.

b) Action Cameras

The actions cameras have taken over the camera industry for over a decade. The dominance led by a company known as GoPro, their cameras is compact, and you can easily travel. The cameras are suitable for adventure as they are made of rugged materials such as hardened plastic.

Hence it is waterproof, and you can record underwater. Although they are reliable and sturdy, you won’t get that high-quality video like the DLSRs, mirrorless camera, point and shoot cameras under $200.


The DSLR cameras are undoubtedly the most popular cameras at the moment due to the exclusive features. The camera lets you capture stunning videos at high-quality and audio that sync flawlessly. The cameras are fragile and big, so you need to carry it around with the big lenses to capture quality videos.

If you are into adventure vlogging, then this cameras isn’t suitable for you; thus, it is ideal for home vlogging or your streaming platforms.

d) Compact camera

The compact cameras solve the issues of having to get the point and shoot cameras that can go unnoticed with the people around. Many companies have come up with cameras that are small in size, and others are small, like your finger. The only downside to such cameras is that they aren’t durable, and you need to take extra care of them as they are quite fragile.

e) Mirrorless camera

At the moment, the mirrorless camera is taking over the vlogging community with a storm. The camera comes with exclusive features so that you can capture high-quality videos.

The camera’s unique thing is that the camera lacks the mirror that is very common with other cameras. Its quality is similar to a DSLR, so you are streaming comfortably without compromising the video quality.

Factors to consider while buying a vlogging camera

i) Lens

It is a critical factor that you need to consider while checking for a camera. You need to get a camera with a high-quality lens, especially a wide aperture lens, to get the full light.

ii) External Mic support

You need to get a video camera with external mic input so that the audio can sync smoothly with the videos. Although the cameras come with in-built mics, they aren’t of high-quality, and some are faulty.

iii) Image quality

As you go testing, the camera examines the camera’s image quality, and a good image quality depends on the megapixel count of the camera.

iv) Low-light performance

Another critical factor that you need to keep in mind as not all day will it be sunny. You need to compare how the camera works in low light conditions and artificial light.

v) Light sensors

You need to consider this as it determines the amount of light in your surrounding and measures the amount of aperture that should be opened for proper lighting.

Top 7 vlogging camera under $200

1) Linnse 4K video camera camcorder

KOT HD 4K Camcorder for vlogging

It comes equipped with 4K 24fps video resolution and an image resolution of 30MP, and it is ideal for YouTube that produces exceptionally high-quality videos and images.

It comes with an in-built LED fill light that lets you capture stunning videos even in low light conditions. It comes with a microphone and remote control to control the camera even if you are 15ft away.

  • LED fill light
  • 4K video resolution
  • HDMI output
  • 128GB internal storage
  • Self-timer
  • Bulky design

2) Panasonic HD Video Camera Camcorder

Panasonic HD Video Camera Camcorder

The Panasonic HD Video Camera Camcorder comes with a 50X and 90X optical zoom that draws in the far-away scene and a focal length of 103mm. It comes with a wide-angle lens of 28mm that is efficient for capturing group images in a room or limited spaces.

It comes with a backside illumination sensor with a large active area, and it can suppress the noise around you while shooting.

  • Clear audio
  • Backside illumination sensor
  • Time-lapse recording
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Optical zoom
  • Lacks Wi-Fi connection

3) Sosun Digital Video Vlogging Camera Recorder 3.0

Sosun Digital Video Vlogging Camera Recorder 3.0

The digital camera comes with an external mic to capture clear audio, and you can capture stunning video clips as it has a wide-angle lens. The external mic adopts the X-Y stereo tech to low-cut filter to reduce noise around you.

It comes with a Wi-Fi function to easily connect the camera with your phone through their mobile app to operate it and transfer files. It has a PC webcam option to use it for recording if you are attending a video conference.

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Compact design
  • You can record while recording
  • A Wi-Fi connection
  • A superb external mic
  • The screen isn’t touch screen

4) Seree Camcorder Video Camera 4K 48MP 16X

Seree Camcorder Video Camera 4K

It comes equipped with an IR LED light for night vision shot to quickly shoot video during the night and still be of high-quality. The camera comes with two batteries to shoot the video without the camera powering off abruptly.

It has a 360 degrees wireless remote control to control it even if you are far. It comes with a webcam function so that you can attend any video meeting with your clients.

  • Self-timer
  • Two batteries
  • Continuous shooting
  • High-quality videos
  • Wireless remote control
  • No time-lapse feature

5) Linnse 4K video camera

 Linnse 4K video camera

It comes with a 3†HD touch screen with a hot-shoe design to easily attach it to an external micro easily capture lossless audio on any distance. It comes with an HDMI output and webcam function to connect to your computer or TV to attend a web conference meeting at home quickly. It comes with an in-built LED fill light to capture smoothly even in low light conditions.

  • Anti-shake feature
  • HDMI output
  • Webcam function
  • 128GB support storage
  • An LED fill light
  • Average battery life

6) Seree 4K Camcorder Video Camera

Seree Camcorder Video Camera 4K

The camera allows you to capture clear white and black photos or videos in dark or low light environments courtesy of the IR night vision function. It comes with two batteries so that you can shoot your videos without worrying about power.

You can connect the camera to your phone or computer by downloading their app called “XDV Pro.†It comes with a 2.4G remote control that is wireless, allowing you to operate the camera with ease.

  • An external mic
  • IR night vision
  • Anti-shake tech
  • High-quality videos and photos
  • Super Wi-Fi function
  • It has a recording limit

7) Melcam Digital Video Camera

Melcam Digital Video Camera

The camera can support 24Mp resolution and 1080p resolution ration on a video, and it has a digital zoom of 16X so that you can capture distant things. The camera is small and lightweight so you can carry it around.

It comes with a wide-angle lens to capture the whole view around you and supports SD card storage of up to 32GB. It comes with a Wi-Fi function to easily share your videos and photos with your workmates and family.

  • Loop recording
  • Wide-angle lens
  • WiFi function
  • You can easily share your recording
  • Lightweight
  • No auto-focus

Wrap up

We have come to the end of the detailed review of the best vlogging camera under $200. I hope the article has been of much help, and you can now quickly go and purchase one and start your vlogging journey. Without a proper vlog camera, you will face many hurdles trying to capture your day’s ideal scenarios.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the cameras and tell us your experience with the camera you bought in the comment section below. Remember to stay safe and together, and we shall overcome this virus.

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