The 7 Best Multi Line Phone System For Small Business

Communication is a vital element in our everyday events. In the business world, communication skill is a requirement when applying for a job. Also, communication equipment is required to contact your suppliers, customers, clients etc. You need proper, efficient phone systems in your business to a formal manner of flow of work in the office. In today’s article, I’ll review the best multi-line phone systems for small businesses.

Getting the right phone systems can be tiresome with the various false advertisement at multiple stores and identifying the counterfeit product can be tough; thus, you end up buying a wrong quality device. When purchasing an efficient phone system, there are various factors you need to consider before purchasing the commodity. First, you need to consider if you will be able to cover the bills and whether you’ll be able to address more complex business requirement with the help of these features such as voicemail, call diverter and caller display. Also, you need to consider a phone system that suits your growth strategy for the future.

Once you purchase the multi-line phone system of your desire, it comes with a lot of benefits as it significantly improves communication channels and is flexible enough to adapt as your business grows. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the top-notch phone system in the market for both a home-based and VoIP phones for small business. Not only will I give the pros and cons of the products but also, I’ll show you the unique features of each product. Read ahead.

What are the benefits of a multi-line phone system for a business?

Multi Line Phone System for Small Business

Getting a multi-line phone system for your business comes with a lot of benefits to your company and will make it grow. First, the cost of calls is usually much lower than the standard line because of many of the multi-system now operate through the internet.

Also, the telephone numbers are hosted in the clouds so no additional fees for line rentals and all the system maintenance and hardware. It increases the productivity of the business as the systems can be routed quickly, which increases customer satisfaction and employees get more time so that they can work on other duties.

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The system ensures that you don’t miss a call if you aren’t around or busy, the customer can leave a message, or routed to the extension of another colleague. Finally, if you have a remote team, it improves collaboration and maintains communications. Also, calls can be re-routed to their mobile phones. Therefore, calls don’t go unanswered.

Top 7 Multi-line phone system ideal for small business

1. AT&T ML17939 phone system

AT&T ML17939 phone system

To start the list is the AT&T Phone system. Currently, the product has a rating of 3.7 out of five stars and 1,489 customer ratings. Therefore, it’s a high-performance device you can choose. The device comes with a  number directory as it can accommodate 100 phone numbers.

It has 2.5 mm jack which you can plug in your headset though you need to make sure the software is installed and running for the non- traditional. It is efficient in the office in the customer care section as it has caller ID and Calls waiting for capabilities thus no calls go unanswered. Lastly, it has up 12 minutes of digital recording time for each line. Check out the link below for more information.

  • The caller ID displays on the handset and base
  • It has a more extensive number directory
  • It has up to 12 minutes of Digital Recording Time for each line
  • Automatic line selection
  • The keypad has large buttons for easy navigation
  • The speakerphone doesn’t function properly

2. Panasonic 2-line phone system


The system enables one to link up to four smartphones via Bluetooth to make and receive smartphone calls anywhere in the house or office courtesy of the Link2Cell technology. You can conduct conversations simultaneously from your phone and two other phones.

Conference hand-free with high-quality speakers in the phone’s base unit and the cordless handsets. The cordless telephone automatically suppresses background interference while enhancing voice tones for clear conversation.

Integrated with Dect 6.0 technology, you get secure long-range phone signal which is ideal for homes and apartments with thick walls. Lastly, it has a standby time of up to seven days and talks time up to 15hrs. Feel free to check out the link below for more information.

  • It has a secure long-range phone signal
  • You can connect to four smartphones
  • You can call with Outlook
  • It has a 3-way conferencing
  • It announced the caller name when it rang
  • It doesn’t have a hold button

3. Grandstream Business Phone System

Grandstream Business Phone System

GrandStream is a well-established company that produce high-quality phone systems with superb performance. It is an ideal option if you are running a business as it is five stars rated. The device is easy to set up provided you follow the user manual, or you can seek the customer service at a fee.

It comes with live US-based tech support that will diligently serve you whatever the circumstance. Never miss a call the device automatic call forwarding of your office calls to your smartphone. Also, it sends voicemails to your email.

It is among the ideal VoIP phones for small business as it supports connections of up to 4 lines. Lastly, it has two FXS ports that allow for connections to standard cordless extensions or fax machines. Feel free to check out the link below for more information.

  • The system supports up to 4 standard telephone lines
  • It has two FXS ports for cordless extension or fax machines
  • It automatically forward office calls to your cell phone
  • You get live US-based tech support
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Bulky design

4. Panasonic Phone System

Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone

It comes with a powerful system and five handsets cordless telephone that hand in hand in hand to offer quality services. It comes with a dedicated button that links up to two smartphones to make and receive calls routed through your HD Link2Cell handsets.

Once you download the app, you can get notifications of your smartphones on the Base unit and LCD handsets. When synced to your smartphone, you can connect to Siri, Google Assistant and S voice anytime to perform the tasks you desire.

It comes with a dedicated Call Block button that blocks telemarketers, robocalls and other unwanted callers’ numbers. The current price tag at Amazon is $153.42. Click the link below for more information.

  • It has a large backlit display
  • It has a rechargeable backup battery
  • It has an advanced noise cancellation technology
  • It announced the caller name when it rings
  • It connects to Siri, Google Assistant and S Voice
  • It has a tightly packed keypad

5. Panasonic KX-TGE275S Phone System

Panasonic KX-TGE275S Phone System

Currently, the device has a rating of 3.9 out of five stars and 2,215 customer ratings. It comes with a powerful system and five cordless handsets that work together to provide exceptional services. You can link up to two smartphones via Bluetooth to make and receive cell calls routed through Link2Cell handsets anywhere in the house.

When someone rings you, the handsets tells you who is calling courtesy of the advanced text-to-speech announcements from speakers in the base unit and handsets. With call block in place, you can block up to 250 telemarketers, robocalls and other bothersome caller numbers.

Lastly, you can connect and converse hands-free anywhere in the house with crystal clear two-way speakerphone. Click the link the below for more information.

  • It is an Energy certified product
  • Ergonomic design
  • It has a stand-up time of up to eight days
  • The speakers have advanced text-to-speech technology
  • It has high-quality speakerphones
  • It doesn’t have a long-range signal

6. Grandstream Business Phone System: Starter Pack with Auto Attendan

Grandstream Phone System

The above model comes with a powerful system with eight phone bundles hence an ideal option if you are expanding your business. Never lose a call as the system allow automatic call forwarding to your cellphone. Also, it comes with other various features such as call waiting, voicemail to email, caller ID and many more.

It comes with a dedicated standard app that will allow you to use your cellphone as an extension of your office phone system. Not only does it save you money and time when you’re travelling outside your office. To conclude it supports various types of SIP extensions which aren’t limited to a single manufacturer. Check out the link below for more information.

  • It supports various SIP extensions
  • It has a dedicated standard app
  • The system supports up to four standard telephone lines
  • Superb mobility features
  • You get live US-based tech support
  • Complex configuration

7. VTech DS6671 Phone System

VTech DS6671-3 Corded Phone

To conclude the list today is the VTech phone system. Currently, the device has a rating of 3.3 out of five stars and 730 customer ratings.  Integrated with DECT 6.0, enjoy secure long-range phone signals hence an ideal option if your apartment walls are thick.

Enjoy hands-free conversations by pushing the button on the handset. The system with digital answering system records incoming messages and outgoing announcements without tapes which you can save or delete them.

The powerful system can accommodate up to 12 handsets with only one phone jack. Lastly, it comes with an Eco mode that ensures optimal battery performance. Click the link below for more information.

  • It runs on DECT 6.0 technology
  • It has Quiet Mode
  • It has an Eco mode that ensures optimal battery performance
  • The system is expandable up to 12 handsets
  • It has a full-duplex handset speakerphone
  • The earbud clips aren’t reliable

Bottom Line

From the article above, you can decide on which phone system you will choose for your business. Also, I have identified the various unique features of each product. With this product, you will see changes in your business and rapid growth. I highly recommend you get these products from Amazon as they offer them at crazy discounts at various times of the year. Also, they deliver your package safely at a low shipping fee.

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